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Posted by hooligal on January 30, 2008

Yea its in German:

Heute ist die Februar Ausgabe des Tätowier Magazins erschienen, in dem ganze sechs Seiten über Roller Derby und uns berichtet wird!

click to enlarge

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Roller Derby on TV

Posted by hooligal on January 30, 2008

I just LOVE watching WFTDA on tv. Yes, they show MavTV here in England, and its bloody awesome. Windy City Rollers rock my socks.

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No Derby, No Cry

Posted by Fury on January 30, 2008

Ahh, supposedly today is the most miserable day of the year.  Even though this designation is most likely the result of a large British media conglomerate with little else to report on 21 January, they may have a point.  Particularly for the hard working derby girl, the burning question of how to elevate one’s mood when away from the track and facing weather too grey to hit the local pavement is a prominent one. Sure – sleeping, eating, a few moments with the long-suffering derby widow and a job to fund all that skating gear cover most of the time; but such pursuits bring one no closer the type of self-actualisation available when kicking ass on skates.

Fear not, a little rain and a closed practice space need not ruin your mood.  You can get your derby fix on the off days and improve your game besides with any of the following:

 «    Train.  It’s good for your game, good for your head, and is one of the biggest factors in injury prevention.  Press-ups, squats, ankle exercises, biceps, sit-ups, pilates, stretching, dancing: your league trainers are full of ideas if you want them.  Or better yet, organise some off-skates pain and have your roller sisters join in.  This is a competitive sport and only suffering will give you a competitive edge.

«    Follow your bliss, and help your league.  Ever wanted to be involved in design?  Are you itching to show off skills with spreadsheets?  Have a desire to be a web mistress?  Been dreaming of sewing up a referee corset, but just couldn’t find your audience?  Even if you don’t want to take the responsibility of a committee position, the league has a place for you to improve or show of a skill that you’ve always wanted to do.  Just ask!

«    Get involved with your community.  Many leagues have benefiting the community as a core value, and you may find a group that would be an excellent partner.

«    Get your gear in shape.  Have you been rolling around on the same bearings for a year without maintenance?  Does your helmet slip backwards?  Do your pads smell like a pickled skunk?  Discover the zen of tightening, cleaning, and oiling.

«    Help out a roller sister.  Check the boards, get involved with questions, invite a friend to see what kind of mad fun you are up to every weekend.

«    Of course, you could drool over the socks and wheels you want when that next bit of disposable cash comes along.  But as I’m sure you’re doing that anyway, why don’t you write a blog for your league?

Much derby love,

Helen Fury

#10 Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames

Training Director and General League Lackey

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Update on Stockholm RD

Posted by hooligal on January 28, 2008

So here is a short update of what is going on in the Scandinavian Roller Derby Scene. Well, unfortunately i must report that there is not much happening here. Still only one league, StockholmRollerderby(STRD), but there is some interest in Gothenburg and we have heard about a few girls in Skåne(down south in Sweden) who wants to get stuff going, but no real signs of life in any of those areas yet. But we hope that it is just a matter of time before we hear about the first leagues in those areas too.

Here in Stockholm it is way too silent. The reason is of course the lack of a place to skate. Even though we have the warmest winter I can remember we can still not skate outdoors since it is raining all the time, and I think it would be easier to turn Maggie Thatcher into a teddy bear than to find an indoor place to skate in Stockholm. We are at the moment trying out a couple of parking garages in classic guerrilla style, while we keep on searching.

On the happier side of things is that we will be sending three skaters and two refs to LondonRollergirls boot-campin February. Hopefully we will gain alot from this, not just the practice, but contacts, new perspectives and ideas is also what we hope to gain.

I recently found out that there is a rumour going out there that our beloved sport risks being outlawed in Sweden. I find it very hard to think there is any truth in this rumour. Swedish legislators are looking into different kinds of full-contact sports at the moment, but only professional ones Ultimate Fighting, K2and such. Since roller derby only have amateurs playing and the level of violence only is at the same level as ice-hockey, it would be very hard to outlaw it.

Holy Hooligan 
Stockholm Roller Derby

For more info and going-ons about STRD, and also in Swedish, please check out the Rollerderby Scandinaviablog!

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And in the other corner…

Posted by toxicjudy on January 27, 2008

Hi there, Toxic Judy from the Victorian Roller Derby League (Melbourne, VIC, Australia) signing in to introduce myself.

I’m here to keep you up to date with not only what’s going on in our neck of the woods but touching base with our sister leagues in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and all around Australia.

Unfortunately, I’m heading off to Cambodia tomorrow so I won’t be blogging for the next 4 weeks but when I return, look for our Valentine’s Day ‘Love Hurts’ bout recap to be held on Saturday, 16th February, as well as news from the forefront as the VRDL takes on the fine Adeladies at the Inaugural Skate of Origin on 23rd February (see previous post).

So until then, peace, love and bearings…

Toxic Judy, Victorian Roller Derby League

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hi hi hi

Posted by georgiawtush on January 26, 2008

Hey there! This is Georgia W Tush from Montreal Roller Derby, Quebec, Canada! I’m going to try and keep you updated with all the exciting news from Canada, and especially Eastern Canada. MTLRD is extra wicked, because we’re the first completely bilingual league! Many of our ladies speak french, and our bouts are both english and french. So next time you see one of us, try asking “voulez-vous choucher avec moi?”, and see what happens. ** Actually, I don’t think people use that phrase here, but try it just for fun. Most of our Eastern leagues are in our off season for now, so there might not be too much action in these parts for a while. **I am not responsible for any punches to the face Cheers for never ending beers, Georgia W Tushhttp://www.mtlrollerderby.com 

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I’m Dreaming of Dry and Smooth Concrete

Posted by hooligal on January 26, 2008

Challenges in the International Derby World

Aside from being cut off from the American roller derby world, there are a few challenges I’ve noticed that face an English roller derby league and their skaters. Along with learning how to build a league from the ground with virtually no help from outside sources, they then have to teach their skaters, find practice space, and raise awareness of their newly acquired sport, the likes of which the international world has never seen before. Roller Derby in past days was purely a North American phenomenon, and never reached the shores of England, Germany, Australia, and other places until now.

Coming from Canada, the hockey capital of the world, I’ve taken for granted the vast number of hockey arenas that sit open waiting for derby girls to fill them during the summer months. Not to mention there’s always ball hockey spaces, because Canadians will find any way to play hockey, even without skates! Here in England, where there is no or little snow or ice, hockey is just not a popular sport. Football (soccer) is the game here, but you cannot play roller derby on a football pitch! So finding practice space large enough to house at least a track has proved difficult. We have practiced in very small school gyms and halls, the largest being vast enough to hold a track, but only so much so that we are smashing each other up into the walls. This still leaves us the problem of finding bout venues! The London Roller Girls have found one of passable size, but still have to turn fans away due to lack of capacity. Which seems good, in terms of saying that your bout was sold out, but really, that could be that many more people whom could have seen roller derby!

Furthermore there is the sheer expense of paying for our practice space, in one of the most expensive and crowded cities in the world. Our league dues cover it, and we scrape by, but I can only think of how much more space leagues in the arenas of Canada for a fraction of the cost. Then we also have to pay outrageous transport fees for the tube (subway), train, or petrol if you are driving. London is a very large city and our skaters are dotted from one end of it to another. From where I stay (in a suburb of London called Staines) it costs me £10 to get a travelcard, which will get me both to and from practice. That’s $20 American! Every practice! And then it takes about an hour and a half to get there. Almost the same if you’re driving through London traffic.

So I don’t go to midweek practices. I can’t afford it and it’s much too far. I figure, I can skate outside during the week, its free, its local, and I don’t have to listen to a coach (I’m notorious for not listening to the coach, hehe). But wait, there’s problems there too! Again I have taken for granted something from my homeland of Canada: smooth and dry concrete! England is famous for its rain. Even in the winter whilst I think there is no snow and that’s a good thing skating wise, it rains almost every day. Or looks like its about to any minute. Or has earlier and the pavement is still wet. The days that it is dry enough to skate, there is another problem: the sidewalks, roads and parking lots are made of what looks like gravel stuck in cement. Very rocky, not smooth, and never, ever even. In a semi-smooth parking lot you will still find huge dips, bumps and mounds. And I’m not just making a mountain out of a molehill here, they are some seriously bad conditions!

Looking for local skating, my team-mate Margy Bargy and I did find a fairly nice path down by the river Thames. However, upon skating down it, we ran into patches that are nothing but large dips and bumps. Even further down the path we ran into a dirt path. End of the road. These are the conditions we have to skate in here.

Hyde Park seems to apparently be one of the only good places to skate in though, in the summer when its nice out. You can get the whole league out and have a picnic. I’ve never been there though, it’s too damn far and not worth the journey until the weather is a bit nicer.

However, they say what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. All the obsticles that derby girls here have to face never hinders them from their reason for being. More and more leagues are popping up all over the UK, and around the world, in places that have never seen derby in any form before. They each face unique roadblocks and isolation from experienced leagues to help them. And yet they pull though. Why do they do it? For the love of derby of course!

Still, I wish I could find some smooth, dry concrete!

Here’s a video I made about…pavement..yea thats right..pavement. 

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Sydney RD on the News!

Posted by hooligal on January 24, 2008

Check out the Sydney Roller Derby League on! Very cool!


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1st Annual Wild Rose Challenge

Posted by hooligal on January 22, 2008

Wild Rose Flyer

For over a year, E-ville Roller Derby has been quietly planning to launch the Alberta roller derby scene to the next level.

On November 24, 2007, E-ville Roller Derby, a non-profit sports organization, blew the roof off the Kingsway Hangar. Packed beyond capacity, hundreds of people were turned away at the door. They were literally “hanging from the rafters”.  Fans denied entry jostled in front of windows to watch as the E-ville Dead banged heads and hips against the Bloody Marys of the Calgary Roller Derby Association. But this wasn’t just a game—it was the first ever challenge cup in the history Canadian women’s roller derby.

Shroud in the Alberta flag, the three foot gold trophy stood silent and shining under the bright lights of the opening ceremony.  E-ville Dead’s captains Beretta Lynch and Dee Vicious ominously shook hands with Bloody Marys’ Lucille Wrecking Ball and Scarla Maim. That was the last of the pleasantries.

The room exploded as E-ville and Calgary’s blockers jostled for positions in their pack. The jammers, who are the team’s point scorers, raced from behind. Jammers earn a point for each blocker she can pass of the opposing team—a fate no blocker wants and for which every jammer bleeds.  Blockers try to help their own jammer through, while aiming to stop the other team’s jammer from getting past. The result is a fast-paced, full body-contact test of strength, speed and skill.

E-ville and Calgary battle it out 

Calgary’s blockers formed tight walls and threw stiff checks as E-ville’s jammers dodged and side-stepped, using their own blockers to get through the pack. Jammers literally flew into the crowd as blockers landed hit after hit on the four corners of the oval rink. The competition was fierce as the evenly matched teams struggled against jammer tenacity and blocker strength.
Fans waited with bated breath as the referees tallied the score change after each jam. Consistently within 4 points of each other, tensions quickly escalated during the first of two 30-minute periods. One of E-ville’s strongest brawlers, Dee Vicious, sprained her shoulder in a fall with Calgary’s Lulu Cthulu and would not return to the game. After the first period, the E-ville Dead and the Bloody Marys were at 46.

Excitement continued to mount in period two. Calgary blockers denied E-ville points for five jams, giving the Bloody Marys a commanding 10 point lead early in the second period. Soon thereafter, a Bloody Mary jammer and blocker were sent to the penalty box. With their scoring chances gone for a minute, E-ville closed the gap to six points. The gap widened again as E-ville lost their jammer to penalties. With 2 minutes left in the game and 12 points behind, E-ville’s Beretta Lynch stepped to the line. Her power blockers were free to concentrate on getting her through the pack. Ninety seconds into the jam, Lynch was called for a penalty and pulled from the track. Bloody Marys’ Chrissy Cruizzer was back out on the rink, but E-ville’s blockers left her pointless.

Thirty seconds later, the final whistle blew and the crowd erupted as E-ville’s points were tallied. Ten points were not enough to close the gap, and the Bloody Marys held off the E-ville Dead, 105 to 103. A bitter fight till the end, the Calgary Roller Derby Association took home the inaugural Wild Rose Challenge Cup


The Wild Rose Challenge Cup was covered extremely favourly by the Edmonton Sun, Edmonton’s Vue Weekly , K-Rock, the Bear, CJSR and on the CTV national news(!), and will be featured on Slice Televisions’(formerly Life Network) reality program X-Weighted.


Until now, the three leagues have only competed within their own league. The 1st Annual Wild Rose Challenge Cup was created in an effort to foster competition between leagues within Alberta. Keep your eyes and ears open for more news from E-ville Roller Derby. E-ville’s regular season schedule begins in February 2008.


Submitted by:

Beretta Lynch
Head Trainer
Check out E-ville Roller Derby, Calgary Roller Derby Association and the Wild Rose Challenge pics in our gallery!

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Don’t call it a comeback…

Posted by toxicjudy on January 22, 2008

Adelaide Roller Derby vs. Victorian Roller Derby League 

On the 24th February 2008, history will be made with all-female roller derby making its way back onto the main stage in Australia!!! This is interstate rivalry at its finest with Adelaide Roller Derby hosting the Victorian Roller Derby League at the 2008 Skate of Origin. That’s right, we’re talking side-stepping, leg-whipping, hip and booty blocking, full contact quad skating action!!! Seating is limited so first in best dressed!!!

When: 3pm, Sunday 24th February 2008

Where: Royal Adelaide Showground Jubilee Pavillion, South Australia (entry via Rose Terrace Gate) 

How: For tickets, go to and click on ‘All Sporting Events’ in the left hand menu and scroll down to Roller Derby- Skate of Origin 2008

For more details, visit or

Stay tuned to this site for the bout recap!

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