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World Wide Derby Domination


Posted by hooligal on January 19, 2008

Welcome to the new blog dedicated to international roller derby. Roller derby has exploded all over the world, and I have made this site to chronicle its trials and triumphs! News, videos, bout scores and recaps, we will have it all!

I am looking for BLOGGERS! This means you! If you would like to contribute any way you can, please contact me at . I am looking for regular contributors as well as one-off submissions. Please, international derby lovers only! I welcome any news and tidbits from america, but this is a internationally focused forum only! Sorry!

Don’t  think we’re looking for skaters only! We welcome fans, referees, volunteers, stat keepers, mascots…anyone who loves derby! 🙂

Also accepting links to go in our sidebar, of roller derby related sites, and league sites too! Please give me an email.

Right now I am just in the process of buidling this site, so please mind the mess!


3 Responses to “BRAND SPANKIN NEW: Inter Derby!”

  1. Evil Jeanius said

    Hey Miss
    What’s this Wrench magazine & where do I get a copy? Good job on the blog, looking good so far. EJ xx

  2. speedpixie said

    great site,hooli,you rock!.xx

  3. Hussar!!

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