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Don’t call it a comeback…

Posted by toxicjudy on January 22, 2008

Adelaide Roller Derby vs. Victorian Roller Derby League 

On the 24th February 2008, history will be made with all-female roller derby making its way back onto the main stage in Australia!!! This is interstate rivalry at its finest with Adelaide Roller Derby hosting the Victorian Roller Derby League at the 2008 Skate of Origin. That’s right, we’re talking side-stepping, leg-whipping, hip and booty blocking, full contact quad skating action!!! Seating is limited so first in best dressed!!!

When: 3pm, Sunday 24th February 2008

Where: Royal Adelaide Showground Jubilee Pavillion, South Australia (entry via Rose Terrace Gate) 

How: For tickets, go to and click on ‘All Sporting Events’ in the left hand menu and scroll down to Roller Derby- Skate of Origin 2008

For more details, visit or

Stay tuned to this site for the bout recap!

2 Responses to “Don’t call it a comeback…”

  1. hooligal said

    Hell yea! Go VRDL!

  2. Vaderella said

    Bring it on VRDL one month from yesterday the countdown begins!!!!

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