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Posted by hooligal on January 28, 2008

So here is a short update of what is going on in the Scandinavian Roller Derby Scene. Well, unfortunately i must report that there is not much happening here. Still only one league, StockholmRollerderby(STRD), but there is some interest in Gothenburg and we have heard about a few girls in Skåne(down south in Sweden) who wants to get stuff going, but no real signs of life in any of those areas yet. But we hope that it is just a matter of time before we hear about the first leagues in those areas too.

Here in Stockholm it is way too silent. The reason is of course the lack of a place to skate. Even though we have the warmest winter I can remember we can still not skate outdoors since it is raining all the time, and I think it would be easier to turn Maggie Thatcher into a teddy bear than to find an indoor place to skate in Stockholm. We are at the moment trying out a couple of parking garages in classic guerrilla style, while we keep on searching.

On the happier side of things is that we will be sending three skaters and two refs to LondonRollergirls boot-campin February. Hopefully we will gain alot from this, not just the practice, but contacts, new perspectives and ideas is also what we hope to gain.

I recently found out that there is a rumour going out there that our beloved sport risks being outlawed in Sweden. I find it very hard to think there is any truth in this rumour. Swedish legislators are looking into different kinds of full-contact sports at the moment, but only professional ones Ultimate Fighting, K2and such. Since roller derby only have amateurs playing and the level of violence only is at the same level as ice-hockey, it would be very hard to outlaw it.

Holy Hooligan 
Stockholm Roller Derby

For more info and going-ons about STRD, and also in Swedish, please check out the Rollerderby Scandinaviablog!

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