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No Derby, No Cry

Posted by Fury on January 30, 2008

Ahh, supposedly today is the most miserable day of the year.  Even though this designation is most likely the result of a large British media conglomerate with little else to report on 21 January, they may have a point.  Particularly for the hard working derby girl, the burning question of how to elevate one’s mood when away from the track and facing weather too grey to hit the local pavement is a prominent one. Sure – sleeping, eating, a few moments with the long-suffering derby widow and a job to fund all that skating gear cover most of the time; but such pursuits bring one no closer the type of self-actualisation available when kicking ass on skates.

Fear not, a little rain and a closed practice space need not ruin your mood.  You can get your derby fix on the off days and improve your game besides with any of the following:

 «    Train.  It’s good for your game, good for your head, and is one of the biggest factors in injury prevention.  Press-ups, squats, ankle exercises, biceps, sit-ups, pilates, stretching, dancing: your league trainers are full of ideas if you want them.  Or better yet, organise some off-skates pain and have your roller sisters join in.  This is a competitive sport and only suffering will give you a competitive edge.

«    Follow your bliss, and help your league.  Ever wanted to be involved in design?  Are you itching to show off skills with spreadsheets?  Have a desire to be a web mistress?  Been dreaming of sewing up a referee corset, but just couldn’t find your audience?  Even if you don’t want to take the responsibility of a committee position, the league has a place for you to improve or show of a skill that you’ve always wanted to do.  Just ask!

«    Get involved with your community.  Many leagues have benefiting the community as a core value, and you may find a group that would be an excellent partner.

«    Get your gear in shape.  Have you been rolling around on the same bearings for a year without maintenance?  Does your helmet slip backwards?  Do your pads smell like a pickled skunk?  Discover the zen of tightening, cleaning, and oiling.

«    Help out a roller sister.  Check the boards, get involved with questions, invite a friend to see what kind of mad fun you are up to every weekend.

«    Of course, you could drool over the socks and wheels you want when that next bit of disposable cash comes along.  But as I’m sure you’re doing that anyway, why don’t you write a blog for your league?

Much derby love,

Helen Fury

#10 Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames

Training Director and General League Lackey

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