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World Wide Derby Domination


Posted by hooligal on January 30, 2008

Yea its in German:

Heute ist die Februar Ausgabe des Tätowier Magazins erschienen, in dem ganze sechs Seiten über Roller Derby und uns berichtet wird!

click to enlarge


3 Responses to “Stuttgart in TÄTOWIERMAGAZIN!”

  1. Sometimes Babelfish can help, sometimes not so much. You be the judge:

    “Today February appeared expenditure of the Taetowier of magazine, in which whole six sides on scooters Derby and us are reported! Buy!”

  2. Awesome ladies – saw the whole article, couldn’t understand any of it, but it sure looked good!

  3. Hey just wanted to say, in this article are also the Barockcity Rollerderby girls involved. 🙂
    Yeah…we need to get known..
    We are here…And we are making big steps.

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