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Canada vs England?

Posted by hooligal on February 8, 2008

Psssttt…a little birdy (ok ok the Canadian Roller Girls group..) told me that Canada is gathering a team to come play some bouts in the UK, in June. HOW EXCITING!! This would be the first trans-atlantic bout I do believe.

 Here’s the message that was sent out:

“Hello everyone,

There is a phenomenal opportunity for us Canadians to band together to
form a team and play England in June of this year!

Hoochie Mama (OCDG) and I are looking for ~20 ladies who are
interested in going. Ideally, we’d love to have 2 or 3 girls from each
league participate, making it truly a national enterprise!

To date, 2 games have been slotted in England (and there is a
possibility of a third) for early June. The games will fall between
June 5th and 14th.

We invite all interested girls to submit a resume (file newly uploaded
into the ‘Files section’ of this group, called “Team_Canada. doc”), and
a letter of recommendation from the coach/captain to us. We hope to
fund this trip through fundraisers and sponsorship, and hope to keep
the cost to each girl minimal.

Please post any questions and we will respond ASAP. Email resumes and
cover letters to : jen.prosser@ and
hoochiemama@ oilcityderbygirl – (We will also have an ‘Eastern
Coordinator’ very soon, and we will post her information in the next
couple of days)


Jenny Rocket
Calgary Roller Derby Association”

So Canadian ladies, GET ON IT!

9 Responses to “Canada vs England?”

  1. georgiawtush said

    damnit, i have bouts on BOTH of those weekends


  2. another little birdy said

    Tragic City Rollers from Birmingham, AL have already set up a bout for this year with the Birmingham Blitz UK girls…it is already set in stone, so you better hurry if you want that “first” moniker.

  3. Tragic City Rollers beat ya’ll to it…

  4. Friday the 13th is going to be a bleak day for the maple leaf crowd. 😉

  5. hooligal said

    Looks like there needs to be a blog about this once the details are hammered out, hrmm?

  6. […] Canada vs England? […]

  7. Alas…Team Canada has been put together and we’re coming to put the hurt on! LOL
    4 girls from the Oil City Derby Girls
    5 girls from Calgary Roller Derby Association
    5 girls from Toronto Roller Derby
    3 girls from Terminal City Roller Girls
    3 girls from Saskatoon Roller Derby
    1 girl from E-ville Roller Derby
    21 girls on a rotational roster is coming to kick some ass!!!

  8. Well I guess Birmingham USA – Tragic City Rollers did NOT beat us to it. Like it was ever a race?

  9. sour00cherry said
    See who’s who!!

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