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Rugby Women Trade Scrum for Derby in Brum

Posted by Fury on February 23, 2008

The descripitves of roller derby practice sound like a war film synopsis: pain, impact, high velocities, laughter, courage, strategy, collusion…but to us it’s a good time.   This weekend we joined forces with another set of athletes who similarly prefer their fun flavoured with adrenaline: The University of Birmingham Women’s Rugby team.

The Rugby team rose admirably early on a Saturday, and showed up right on time to meet the Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames at the university campus, only to find out that our sports hall slot was replaced with volleyball.  Despite indignation at the scheduling gaff, it wasn’t nearly enough to deter our collective ranks from getting some skating action!   So, after a brief intro to roller derby game play, complete with video of Rollercon bouts, the groups parted with plans to refuel and car pool to our general practice later that day.

Despite the chaos of nearly 40 women on skates, the practice was amazing! The aim was to give the University athletes an opportunity for team building, cross-training, and an introduction to our sport, sometimes called ‘rugby on skates’. From their performance on Saturday, rugby players clearly deserve their reputation as strong and audacious, and we loved it. 

Mostly they were just fearless. Few had any pads, but these insane gals acted as if they were encased in bubble wrap. Undoubtedly, as rugby athletes, they are used to the hard knocks of full contact sports!  It was the kind of approach that makes us roller derby skaters drool in admiration.

The training agenda focused on drills that all levels could do, teamwork, a few fun games, and endurance/strength training that had all the participants of both teams sweating. The Blitz Dames took to the track near the end for a roller derby demonstration that included a scrimmage jam with all the hard knocks of our game.

The rugby athletes were incredibly quick learners. They won at dodge ball and did their fair share of JUMPING the limbo rope! Did I mention they were FEARLESS? They were testing themselves to see how high the rope could go and even the ones that were a bit wobbly – nailed it! They were simply amazing.

All of the Blitz Dames enjoyed getting to know the University of Birmingham Rugby team, and look forward to joining them on their turf for future events (including a planned one where we will give rugby a go!).  Several of the rugby players plan to try out for the Blitz Dames – and we are more than happy to have them.  We look forward to more cross-training with the rugby league and developing our fitness with these amazing rock hard women!

Wreck n’ Roll,

Blitz Dames


One Response to “Rugby Women Trade Scrum for Derby in Brum”

  1. Thats awesome, but you should get their tackle bags and do some rugby drills on skates.

    When get Anna Richards (3rd time World Champion Black Fern) to bring tackle bags down to our practice and we smash them on our skates.

    She takes us through some rugby drills that f*cken kill you. Even she cant believe we’ll try stuff on skates. I love her passion for her sport and she has inspired our league. But man blocking big tackle bags and try to smash through two held close together really teaches you balance in fast way.

    Bring on the rugby girls


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