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Canada’s Beast of the East

Posted by hooligal on March 29, 2008


Alyssa Kwasny
President, MTLRD

Montreal Roller Derby Unleashes the Beast of the East

Montreal, QC – Montreal Roller Derby (MTLRD) is excited to launch
their second season with the unleashing of the Beast of the East on
April 19th, 2008. The Beast of the East is a day long, single-
elimination tournament, and the first ever Eastern Canadian Roller
Derby tournament with 16 teams from Canada and the United States.This
tournament was created with hopes of strengthening the sport of
roller derby in the region, showcasing the skills of upcoming roller
derby talent, and to see whom will reign as the 2008 Beast of
the East.

MTLRD, a women’s amateur flat-track roller derby league, was
established in 2006 and has since grown to a league with over fifty
women, three teams, and one traveling team.MTLRD strives to promote
and foster the sport of roller derby, and help it evolve throughout
the current roller derby explosion of leagues all around the world. A
favourite in the local and national media, these ladies are ready to
start off their second season with a bang. Of course, being the DIY
and aggressive ladies that they are, the second season will be even
bigger and better, with faster skating, stronger whips, harder hits,
and bigger crashes.

MTLRD and the Montreal Underground Film Festival (MUFF) will kick of
the Beast with a screening of the film “Hell on Wheels” Friday, April
18th at Les Saints on 30 Rue Sainte Catherine Ouest, 10pm. Salt Lake
City Weekly raves that, “Hell on Wheels is a killer documentary about
the Austin all-women’s roller-derby leagues that inadvertently
launched a worldwide revival of the sport.” The film had its world
premier in 2007 at South by Southwest with the second largest
audience at the festival, and since has screened upwards of twenty
film festivals with packed audiences every time. MTLRD and MUFF are
thrilled to be presenting such an inspiring film to a new audience.

The Beast of the East roller derby action will go from 10 am to 10 pm
on Saturday April 19th at Arena St Louis, 5633 Rue Saint Dominique.
This will be the event of the season,a roller derby milestone, and
one heck of a good time. For more information about the
Beast of the East, Montreal Roller Derby, or the sport of roller
derby, please visit http://www.mtlrollerderby. com. Don’t forget to check out
one of MTLRD’s legendary after-parties
following the games Saturday night at Bar Syndrome, 5777 Boul. St
Laurent. See you onthe track!


Alyssa Kwasny
Présidente, MTLRD

Montreal Roller Derby présente The Beast of the East

Montréal, QC – La ligue de roller derby de Montréal (MTLRD) est
heureuse de lancer sa deuxième saison en déchaînant la « bête de
l’Est » le 19 avril 2008. The Beast of the East est un tournoi à
élimination simple d’une journée complète. C’est également le tout
premier tournoi de roller derby de l’est canadien comportant seize
équipes du Canada et des États-Unis. L’événement a été créé dans
l’espoir de renforcir ce sport dans la région, de présenter les
nouveaux talents du roller derby et de découvrir l’équipe qui régnera
en tant que « Bête de l’Est » en 2008.

MTLRD est une ligue amateure de roller derby féminin sur piste à
plat. Elle a été créée en 2006 et inclut désormais une cinquantaine
de femmes, trois équipes et une équipe de route. MTLRD vise à
promouvoir le roller derby et encourager son évolution au sein de la
prolification des nouvelles ligues à travers le monde. Très
appréciées des médias locaux et nationaux, ces demoiselles sont fin
prêtes pour leur deuxième saison. Avec ces femmes
aggressives à l’esprit DIY, on peut s’attendre à une meilleure
seconde saison, plus rapide,plus technique avec des coups plus forts
et des collisions encore plus percutantes que
l’année précédente.

MTLRD et le festival de films underground de Montréal (MUFF)
présenteront le film « Hell on Wheels » en introduction au tournoi et
ce, le vendredi 18 avril, 22h à la salle Les Saints
située au 30 Sainte-Catherine Ouest. Le journal Salt Lake City Weekly
affirme que « “Hell on Wheels” est un documentaire fantastique à
propos des ligues de roller derby féminin d’Austin qui ont par
inadvertance lancé une nouvelle vague internationale de roller
derby. » La première mondiale du film a eu lieu en 2007 au festival
South by Southwest devant le deuxième plus grand public de
l’événement. Depuis, il a été présenté devant des salles combles dans
plus de vingt festivals de films. MTLRD et MUFF sont très heureux de
présenter ce film inspirant à de nouveaux spectateurs.

Le tournoi The Beast of the East se tiendra de 10h à 22h le samedi 19
avril à l’aréna Saint-Louis au 5633 Saint-Dominique. Ce sera un
événement marquant pour la saison et le roller derby en général ainsi
qu’une occasion d’avoir beaucoup de plaisir. Pour de plus amples
informations à propos du Beast of the East, de Montreal Roller Derby
ou du roller derby en général, nous vous invitons à visiter le
http://www.mtlrollerderby. com. N’oubliez surtout pas
de venir faire un tour à une des légendaires célébrations post-match
de MTLRD en vous présentant au Bar le Syndrome au 5777 Boulevard
Saint-Laurent. Au plaisir de vous voir sur la piste !


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Hooli’s update

Posted by hooligal on March 29, 2008

I must appoligise for the lack of content on the blog recently, life has been very busy for me lately. For those who don’t know, I am back in Canada for a short while for I need to apply for a visa to go back to the UK for a length of time. But this doesn’t mean I go derbyless, for I have landed in the heart of Canadian Roller Derby: Ontario. There are so many leagues here, its great! I got to practice with the Tri-City Roller Girls, and am more then likley going down to Hamilton to see the Hammer City Roller Girls season opener. On top of all that, a friend of mine has decided to start a travelling team (Middlesex Massacre Roller Girls) and I have been helping her do all the wonderful things you need to do when you start a team/league. So with that and working, I’ve been very busy.

However, new seasons are upon us, as well as many season openers, a slew of UK interleague bouts, the Canadian Beast of the East tournament, and new teams popping up all the time, there will be no shortage of international derby news!

 Slugs N Hugs


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LRG in the London Paper!

Posted by hooligal on March 29, 2008

Just before their bout with Glasgow Roller Girls, the London Roller Girls are featured in free rag: London Paper!

Click to enlarge

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UK Midlands bout: Crash of the Titans!

Posted by Fury on March 21, 2008

Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames ENGLAND vs. Glasgow Rollergirls SCOTLAND  


The roller derby scene is thriving the UK, with 10 current leagues and new ones springing up every week in places like in Windsor, Manchester, Brighton and Essex. This roller riot is cross between x-treme games and burlesque. It’s fast, furious and a bit sexy too! 

Roller derby makes curious fans into quick converts. Neophytes should check out the rules. And, yes, it is based on the roller derby you know from the kitsch 1970’s. Except, now, nobody’s faking.  

Formed in 2006 and after training hard for a year, the Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames are in a successful inaugural season. The hometown roller derby queens, the ‘Dames are set to pour salt on the wounds of an ancient grudge.  

Tickets £7 Advance, £8 Door Tickets and more information Following the bout, the Dames will be holding their celebration after party at Subside Bar, Fletchers Walk, 4 Paradise Pl, Birmingham, B3 3HJ.  


click to enlarge

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Sad news from Stockholm

Posted by Holy Hooligan on March 15, 2008

Stockholm Rollerderby just posted this on MySpace:

R.I.P. Calle

On Monday 10/3 2008 our friend and referee Calle Feuk died only 35 years old.

He he joined us in Stockholm Rollerderby very recently and many of us had just begun to get to know him. But even though that was the case he had already managed to make an impact with his enthusiasm and energy.

Our thoughts go to those who were closest to Calle.
You will be missed.

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Slam Jam Thank Ya Ma’am!!!

Posted by toxicjudy on March 14, 2008


Saturday, 19th April 2008 sees the first bout in a Triple Threat ‘Best of’ Series between the Toxic Avengers and Dead Ringer Rosies! 


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copy cat

Posted by georgiawtush on March 11, 2008

i think i wrote the same post on two different occasions in this blog. if not in this blog, i wrote one of them on another one. that’s what happens when you write about derby in too many different places. oh well, deal with it.

besides that, did you know that there is an EXPLOSION of roller derby in canada right now? i have heard of leagues starting up all over the place in the last two weeks.

Tri-City Roller Girls (Kitchener-Waterloo & Cambridge, Ontario)

Winnipeg Roller Derby (Winnipeg, Manitoba) first meeting tomorrow!!!

Reign Valley Vixens (Lower Mainland, BC)

Rated PG RollerGirls (Prince George, BC)

Regina, Saskatchewan..i heard a rumour about this one anyway

Middlesex Massacre Roller Girls (London, Ont) another league in london

this is AMAZING!!

georgia w tush

montreal roller derby

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Update from Australia (at least southern Australia!)

Posted by toxicjudy on March 7, 2008

Greetings and salutations from Melbourne!

I’ve now been back on Australian shores for a fortnight having returned from my sojourn across SE Asia and I’ll tell you this much, the past two weeks have been a flurry of activity, whatwith catching up with what’s been going on in our league but in roller derby in general.  I will report that I did not stumble across any fledging leagues in Singapore. Not that I was looking… hard. 

Anyway, I’ve been slack with keeping you up to date with Australian roller derby so enough chitchat, let’s get started…

I might tackle this chronologically and briefly.  Two weeks in derby can sometimes be a lifetime!

Disclaimer: I apologise if this news is Victorian heavy but I am a VRDLer through and through and haven’t had a chance to hook up a State rep to fill me in with their news yet.

February 16th saw the season opener bout for the Victorian Roller Derby League with the Dead Ringer Rosies vs. the Toxic Avengers at ‘Love Hurts’.  By all accounts – and trust me, I think I got recaps from nearly every bouting skater and official – it was a tightly contested bout with the Dead Ringer Rosies pulling away in the last 3/4 of the bout to defeat the Avengers 108 to 88.  The refs had their work cut out for them but not as much as the penalty ref! (Big thank you to Hot Lips from Sydney Roller Derby who posted the clip from our VRDL bout.)

The following weekend saw history being made with the inaugural Skate of Origin… Adelaide vs. Melbourne… state vs. state… you get the picture.

Skate of Origin 2008 VRDL Travel Team

With a crowd of 1000+ quickly filling the Jubilee Pavilion at the Adelaide Showgrounds, this bout was always going to be a fight to the finish. Jam after jam saw the lead change, skaters were digging in and hitting hard but with seconds left in the bout, VRDL snatched victory from ADRD’s hands, 86 to 83.

ADRD put on one spectacular show and we thank them for the opportunity and challenge!

Another special thank you goes out to the members of the Sun State Roller Girls for representing at the Skate of Origin! Seeing the Brisbane contingent was definitely one of my highlights from Adelaide… To think that a year ago, Brisbane was putting on their very first demo! (Evil Doll, you rock my world!)

On another note, I would just like to mention that it has now been just over a year since a group of strangers with skates decided to throw all caution to the wind and form the Victorian Roller Derby League. The past week has been full of reminiscing and good times and every day I am grateful that I am part of such a wonderful sport with such a wonderful community – locally, nationally and internationally.  *le sigh*

For a touch of housekeeping, our new website is up and running and you can find links to photos from the abovementioned bouts on the righthand menu. 

That’s all…

toxic judy xx

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derby sisters

Posted by georgiawtush on March 5, 2008

You want to know why I like my derby international? Well honey, I like my derby international because I feel like if I were to go anywhere in the world (with a derby league), I would be welcomed into the city as if it were my own home. I bet I could go anywhere and have a place to stay, instant friends, and a guarenteed good time. Pieces of Hate, I’m looking in your direction, mama!

On a different note, those Canadians are appearing all over the place. Last week at Blood and Thunder Training Camp in San Diego (hell yes!), and met up with some canucks from Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, and Victoria. It was a pleasure to see the ladies representing.

Cheers for never ending beers,

Georgia W Tush

Montreal Roller Derby

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Posted by hooligal on March 4, 2008

Brand new: our first spotlight! THis month on: THE GLASGOW ROLLERGIRLS! Go check it out: just follow the link at the top of the page that says ‘Spotlight’ 🙂

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