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copy cat

Posted by georgiawtush on March 11, 2008

i think i wrote the same post on two different occasions in this blog. if not in this blog, i wrote one of them on another one. that’s what happens when you write about derby in too many different places. oh well, deal with it.

besides that, did you know that there is an EXPLOSION of roller derby in canada right now? i have heard of leagues starting up all over the place in the last two weeks.

Tri-City Roller Girls (Kitchener-Waterloo & Cambridge, Ontario)

Winnipeg Roller Derby (Winnipeg, Manitoba) first meeting tomorrow!!!

Reign Valley Vixens (Lower Mainland, BC)

Rated PG RollerGirls (Prince George, BC)

Regina, Saskatchewan..i heard a rumour about this one anyway

Middlesex Massacre Roller Girls (London, Ont) another league in london

this is AMAZING!!

georgia w tush

montreal roller derby

5 Responses to “copy cat”

  1. Toxic Judy said

    Go ‘Peggers! (that’s where I was born!)

  2. hooligal said

    Yay middlesex massacre are my pet league ❤ I’m helpin them learn to skate

  3. News article about the Regina league:

  4. Jamey said

    Yep Regina is finally getting on the Derby Wagon.
    We call ourselves Pile O’ Bones Derby Club, and we hope to be kicking some ass soon!

  5. K kegel said

    I’m a pegger back for the summer and am a new lover of roller derby. Where can I find out more about the winnipeg league?

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