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Sad news from Stockholm

Posted by Holy Hooligan on March 15, 2008

Stockholm Rollerderby just posted this on MySpace:

R.I.P. Calle

On Monday 10/3 2008 our friend and referee Calle Feuk died only 35 years old.

He he joined us in Stockholm Rollerderby very recently and many of us had just begun to get to know him. But even though that was the case he had already managed to make an impact with his enthusiasm and energy.

Our thoughts go to those who were closest to Calle.
You will be missed.


4 Responses to “Sad news from Stockholm”

  1. hooligal said

    Oh dear! My condolences! Very sad.

  2. OMG. So terribly sorry to hear. My sympathies… =(

  3. Bee Sting said

    Terribly sorry to hear your sad news. x

  4. Condolences to you all, that’s the worst news. I’ve never been lucky enough to meet any of you in Stockholm, but this kind of loss reminds us all that derby is not the most important thing. Love to all of you.

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