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UK Midlands bout: Crash of the Titans!

Posted by Fury on March 21, 2008

Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames ENGLAND vs. Glasgow Rollergirls SCOTLAND  


The roller derby scene is thriving the UK, with 10 current leagues and new ones springing up every week in places like in Windsor, Manchester, Brighton and Essex. This roller riot is cross between x-treme games and burlesque. It’s fast, furious and a bit sexy too! 

Roller derby makes curious fans into quick converts. Neophytes should check out the rules. And, yes, it is based on the roller derby you know from the kitsch 1970’s. Except, now, nobody’s faking.  

Formed in 2006 and after training hard for a year, the Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames are in a successful inaugural season. The hometown roller derby queens, the ‘Dames are set to pour salt on the wounds of an ancient grudge.  

Tickets £7 Advance, £8 Door Tickets and more information Following the bout, the Dames will be holding their celebration after party at Subside Bar, Fletchers Walk, 4 Paradise Pl, Birmingham, B3 3HJ.  


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