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Hammercity Rollergirls ’08 Season

Posted by hooligal on April 21, 2008

The rough and tumble Hammercity Rollergirls out of Hamilton, Canada have an exciting and busy season this year. The Hamilton Harlots went undefeated in the Beast Of The East tournament, do they have what it takes to win the home season? Also debuting Hammercitys newist team: The Deathrow Dames!

April 19th Montreal’s Beast of the East (Montreal away tournament)
May 10th Harlots vs. Tanks
May 24th Dames vs. Ottawa
June 7th Tanks vs. Flynt
June 14 Dames vs. Harlots
June 21 st All Star vs. Tord (Toronto away game)
June 28 Dames vs. Tanks
July 12 th All star vs. Montreal (Montreal away game)
July 26 Harlots vs. Madison Mad Rollin Dolls
Aug 9th Round Robin HCRG Championship
Aug 15 all star vs Texas Hot Rod Honeys
Aug 30 th all star vs. Killamazoo Derby Darlins (Kalamazoo away game)
Sept 13 th all star vs. NRRG (North East Ohio away game)
Sept 20 th all satr in Fall Brawl Tournament (Ft. Wayne Indiana away tournament)
Oct 4 th all star vs. The Chicago Outfit (Chicago away game)

“On top of all this we have great bands, and dj’s lined up for the after party’s and even a surprise MC for a game or two! Don’t miss a minute of this our biggest year yet. Check out the launch party on April 26 th at Mainway Sports and rec in Burlington. Batting cages, skating, indoor volley ball, rockband and hot Burlington band Dark Pearl will play. See the website for details.” Danger Mouse, Hamitlon Harlots

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