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Roller Blitz Old Skool Roller Disco in Birmingham, UK

Posted by Fury on May 20, 2008


Sweet, sweet Brummie Roller SkatingThe UK has a thriving roller disco scene and now Birmingham is about to revitalise the beloved roller disco locally and polish it to a mirror-ball shine. The Roller Blitz event promises to bring the joy of eight on the floor to a new audience, showcase Britain’s VIP jam skaters, and give the rest of us an excuse to dust of our skates for a groovy alternative way to fitness. 

The floor has bags of room for everyone, there will be games and a raffle. Besides, there’s little else this fun that donates a portion of the profits to Cancer UK. Set your supersonic sights on B4 7ES and come skate with us!


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Scandinavian update!

Posted by Holy Hooligan on May 19, 2008

Since the last update things have actually moved forward. We finally found an indoor place to skate! A hockey rink that is without ice during a few summer months. So there finally have been some real practicing over here! And there is some real progress too! Once out there skating, everyone is learning new stuff all the time. And all those months just thinking about it feels like they never happened. So now we are looking for recruits, and many of them since we still are quite a small group of skaters and refs trying to make this work. And we really have to make things work! The first bout with an all swedish team ever will probably take place early next year. There are still things to work out so that is all I can say right now. But this means the Stockholm skaters really have to work hard so they can put up a fight!

If things are looking brighter in the real world, the same goes for the virtual one. Stockholm Rollerderby(in swedish, it is rollerderby not roller derby) have finally got the website up and with a neat domain! is all ours! It is still in beta and only in swedish, but it will grow in the near future. And hopefully it will also be translated into english too. While you wait for that you can always check out the web board that also have been opened up for the public. Log in and get a username!

Well that’s it for now. I’ll post more as things progress over here.

A couple of Stockholms rollergirls!

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