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Fabulous Glasgvegas Bootcamp!

Posted by hooligal on September 24, 2008

American skating legends and owners of Sin City Skates are flying their way into the city of Glasgvegas…I mean, Glasgow, Scotland for a special weekend bootcamp! Be sure to catch all your favourite UK rollergirls at this one, with training sessions and mixed scrimamges, and of course a wee bit of scottish whiskey (ok maybe thats just me?). Head on over to to get info or tickets!

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First Intraleague in Scotland – Molls vs Dolls

Posted by hooligal on September 24, 2008

“Pulp Friction” saw the Dolls take on the Molls in Glasgow Rollergirls’ first ever Intra-league bout. The line-ups included guest-stars from our friends the London Rollergirls and with both teams evenly matched, it promised to be an electrifying game.

There was bad luck in store for the Molls, however, when an injury just days before the bout meant they were without their star jammer Maddy Hackit, but they weren’t going to give up without a fight! Both teams were determined to give the crowd a bout to remember, and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

Marla Mayhem for the Dolls (in red) and Jaci Dodger for the Molls (in black) got things underway in the first jam. Marla was first to speed out of the pack, gaining lead jammer status and scoring an impressive 9 points to Dodger’s 0. Jam 2 saw Missyle Elliot (Molls) line up against Sister Grimm (Dolls), but with no lead jammer the jam ran to the full 2 minutes with no points for either team. Betty Go Go gained lead jammer status for the Molls in jam 3 with Mistress Malicious hot on her heels, but neither jammer managed to score any points on their second pass through the pack and Betty called off the jam. In jam 4 Marla Mayhem and Jaci Dodger lined up against each other once again. Although Marla gained lead jammer status, Dodger got the upper hand this time. She got the Molls’ first points of the game, scoring 5 points to Marla’s 3. Missylle Elliot’s 5-0 jam over Sister Grimm in the 5th meant the Dolls’ early lead narrowed to 12-10. Another scoreless jam for both teams followed before disaster struck for the Molls in jam 7. A heavy hit from the Dolls’ defences sent Jaci Dodger crashing to the floor, landing awkwardly on her back. Meanwhile, lead jammer (and birthday girl) Venus Velocity easily picked up another 7 points for the Dolls, helping them increase their lead to 19-10. Amazingly Dodger managed to finish the jam despite being in obvious pain, but her injury proved severe enough for her to have to sit out the rest of the game.

In the next few jams the Molls hit their stride, gaining lead jammer status four out of six times. The red jammers were consistently blocked by walls of black until the Molls took the lead for the first time in jam 12 thanks to Fox Sake’s 5-0 jam against Marla Mayhem. Jams 8 to 13 saw a total of 23 points scored for the Molls (Missyle Elliot [8], Armalite Angie [2], Mouchete [5], Fox Sake [5], Troublegum [3]) against 10 for the Dolls (Marla Mayhem [4], Sister Grimm [1], Mistress Malicious [5]), bringing the score line to 29-33 to the Molls. Jam 14 was scoreless, leaving Venus Velocity and Mouchete to battle it out in the 15th and final jam of the first period. Both jammers were sent to the penalty box and so the jam, and the first period, ended at 29-33 to the Molls.

In the first jam of the second period, the Molls extended their lead with Fox Sake scoring 9 points to Venus Velocity’s 0, equalling Marla Mayhem’s high score in jam 1 of the first period. By jam 3 the scores were tied at 42-42 thanks to Mistress Malicious and Marla Mayhem pulling back 4 points and 9 points respectively for the Dolls. The lead changed hands again when the Molls scored 8 points in jams 4 and 5. Mistress Malicious managed to pull back 3 points against Molls’ Team Captain Viper Den in jam 6, but the Dolls’ score remained stuck at 45 as they started to rack up the penalties over the next 3 jams. While the Dolls lolled in the penalty box, the Molls took the lead again, ending jam 11 with a score of 49-61 in their favour. But with the end of the second period fast approaching, the Dolls weren’t ready to give up. They dominated the next three jams with Nuke Leah [5], Sister Grimm [2] and Marla Mayhem [5] all tearing through the pack to even up the scores at 61-61. With only a few seconds left on the clock, the 15th and final jam began with Venus Velocity and Viper Den on the jammer line. With no lead jammer called, the battle was on…but the clock reached zero before either girl could score the elusive winning point. How’s that for a nail-biting finish? A quick discussion between Captains and Officials followed and it was decided not to have an overtime jam, everyone was a winner.

Final score: DOLLS 61 – 61 MOLLS

After the celebrations, Pulp Friction came to a close with the post-bout awards. Mistress Malicious was awarded Penalty Goddess for the Dolls. And also for the Dolls, Silky Briefs and N-emma-si5 got the honour of Double Trouble. Mouchete picked up the Penalty Goddess award for the Molls and Whiskey Galore was named their Best Blocker. Viper Den was awarded MVP and Best Skate-Out Outfit for the Molls, and Maddy Hackit picked up the prize for Best Outfit.

Glasgow Rollergirls would like to thank all the event crew and Edinburgh’s Auld Reekie Rollergirls for making Pulp Friction run like clockwork. Very special thanks go out to the LRG girls and refs who travelled all the way across the border to skate with us – we love you!! And finally, the biggest thanks of all to our fans who came out to cheer us on – see you all next time!

Whiskey “Scoop” Galore – GRG

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SRDL’s Open House in Saskatoon, Canada

Posted by reginarollergirl on September 19, 2008

Several of us Regina Rollergirls are heading up to Saskatoon for the SRDL’s open house and Black and White Scrimmages.  There will also be a boot Camp with Coach Lime afterwards.  I am so pumped to hear from Coach Lime again, the guy is a deadly wealth of knowledge and just an all around cool guy.

If you are in the Saskatoon area and you want to check out the open house it is on Saturday, September 20th from 1-4.  Admission is by donation at the door!  Come check out some deadly derby action and they are even recruiting.  Go ahead come check it out and fall in love with this deadly sport!

Love and Bruises,
–Doom Cookie

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Inter Derby Interviews the Famous Uncle Leon

Posted by hooligal on September 18, 2008

I had the immense pleasure of asking a few questions of my favourite roller derby related artist Uncle Leon from Uncle Leon and the Alibis. You would know them best from the rockin rollin, hard hitting, internationally famed derby song Roller Derby Saved My Soul.

Now you have been in a lot of international derby press, has this skyrocketed you to worldwide fame?

It’s funny—there hasn’t been any real attention from the American press, but I’ve received some nice coverage in other countries. Derby Luv in Montreal, Canada gave us a great interview before the tour last year, and the guys up at The Bluesbunny in Glasgow have become some of my biggest supporters. The song has been used by the BBC in Birmingham and in a film called “Roller Derby Dolls” that just aired on television in Australia. The funniest thing is when some newspaper does a story about their local roller derby league and they quote the words “Roller Derby Saved My Soul” without even realizing it’s a song. I fear I’m dangerously close to coining a catchphrase.

I think I’m what you call “Myspace Famous”. Meaning that, on any given night, I’ll sit down at the computer and get amazing e-mail messages from people I’ve never met—in random places like Brisbane, Australia or Dana Point, California or wherever—telling me how much they love my music and how they wish I would come to their town. But when I leave the house to buy groceries, I still get treated like the faceless nobody I really am.

We caught wind that you were possibly coming to England to do a solo acoustic tour. I for one was very excited, but heard nothing more, what happened?

That’s still a very real possibility. I don’t know any details yet, but I talked to someone from a small record label who was interested in releasing a UK-only Uncle Leon album. If that happens, they’ll definitely want me over there to push it. I know nothing about the UK touring circuit, so I’d need some help there. But I would love the chance to bring my message of drunkenness and debauchery to a worldwide audience. (Though, from what I hear, you Brits do that pretty well without me.)

Your music has quite alot of different sounds to it, a bit of country, a bit of rockabilly and a slight punk feeling, what bands are you majorly influenced by?

Vocally, I borrow heavily from the classic country guys–Johnny Cash, Roger Miller, a little bit of Hank Williams and Willie Nelson at times. (Though I wouldn’t claim to be as good as any one of them.) Rhythmically, I owe it all to Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry. In terms of pure, sloppy anything-goes insanity, I take my cue from Hasil Adkins. And you’re right—at heart, I’m just an aging punk rocker, so there’s a lot of that underlying, rough-around-the edges spirit there. I also have to mention that there was a whole collection of cowpunk acts—particularly Mojo Nixon and Elvis Hitler—who had a huge effect on me as a teenager in the ‘80s. They’re the ones who really made me realize that old-school, shitkicking country was more badass than half the punk records I was listening to.

What inspired you to do a country cover the song Baby Got Back (my favourite Uncle Leon song!)

The short answer is, I like big butts.

The longer answer: I already had a song called “Hot Rod Mamas”. It’s all about the fact that, as a man, I can’t stand the type of skinny, stupid-acting, high-maintenance woman that we’re all told we’re supposed to lust after. Instead, I say I want a “shit-talking, big-butt, little bit of beer gut, hot rod mama with money to blow.” Well, needless to say, this song became a big crowd pleaser. So one night, at the end of that song, as a joke, I went straight into a couple lines from “Baby Got Back”, and all the girls in the audience went wild. I realized that whenever they hear that song, women go crazy because (a) they all think they have huge butts, regardless of their actual size, and (b) at its heart, “Baby Got Back” is saying the same thing “Hot Rod Mamas” is: that it’s okay to be the sexy, voluptuous woman you are. And after I’d done it once, it became the song they all screamed for at every show.

Also, at the risk of getting too philosophical here, I like the idea of covering a familiar song in a completely different musical style. Because the big secret is that, even though hip-hop and country come from very different places socially and stylistically, they both basically cover the same subject matter—sex, breakups, wild parties, and hard times. All I’m doing is pointing out the similarities. And getting a few laughs in the process.

Besides Roller Derby Saved My Soul, why do you think Uncle Leon and the Alibis has been received so warmly by the roller derby community?

As I mentioned before, I had already spent years singing the praises of big, tough, wild women. Rollergirls just happen to fit the description. Starting a roller derby is a lot like starting a band—if you want to make it happen, you really have to do it on your own. And I like to think that roller derby girls value a lot of the same things I do: independence, toughness, a certain do-it-yourself spirit… and beer. Lots of beer.

Some of your songs deal with love or heartbreak, have you had the pleasure/pain of dating a roller derby girl yet?

I won’t name any names, but… yes. She’s actually a retired derby girl. The most hilarious part about it is that, when we first started going out, she couldn’t believe that she was my first one.

(ed. note: First one..its a whole new virginity, dating a rollergirl. It’s probably the only time a girl will say to a guy ‘Oh, it’s your first time? This might hurt a bit’ haha)

What influenced you to write Roller Derby Saved My Soul?

I was already a big fan of the sport. My friend was in the process of filming a roller derby documentary, so I figured he should have a song to go with it. I was getting a little tired of that same one-two country beat, and wanted to do something a little more rock’n’roll again. And here in the U.S., there’s this whole scary Evangelical TV-preacher thing that I’ve always been fascinated with, so I kind played up that angle. I can’t say I put much serious thought into it at the time, but they lyrics seem to really strike a chord with a lot of people.

Where is the weirdest place you’ve seen the Roller Derby Saved My Soul catchphrase emblazened across?

Ms. Hell's famed tattoo

There’s a woman named Ms. Hell, of the Tornado Alley Rollergirls in Oklahoma City. She’s got it tattooed inhuge letters across her back. I got to meet her in person at the national championship in Texas last year. It’s one thing to have someone tell you she likes your song, and quite another to stand there and see your words etched into her skin. It was definitely one of the weirdest experiences of my life.

Who’s your favourite derby team?

Oh hell. If I answer that, I’m going to have rollergirls in every state waiting to kick my ass. Let me just say this: Kentucky’s Black-N-Bluegrass Rollergirls have been the nicest to me. But the Mad Rollin’ Dolls in Wisconsin throw the best parties.

And finally, which do you prefer, skirts or hotpants?

Whichever one shows it off the best, darlin’.

Thank you for taking the time to compleate this interview, and we hope you continue on your quest for worldwide musical derby domination!

Check him out and buy his stuff!!!


Derby Luv interview:

Bluesbunny interview:

“Roller Derby Dolls” official page:


Get  “Roller Derby Saved My Soul” included in Drew Barrymore’s upcoming roller derby film “Whip It!”, with this online petition!

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The Sun State Roller Girls Bout 1 Season Opener

Posted by rubyribcrusher on September 18, 2008

The Liquorice Short Shorts vs the Golden Roughs

The Liquorice Short Shorts vs the Golden Roughs

The Sun State Roller Girls season opener was held on Saturday 13 September at Beenleigh Arena in Queensland’s South East corner.  Underdogs the Liquorice Short Shorts battled the Golden Roughs and came out on top with a smashing score of 141 to 102. Queensland has been egerly anticipating this first modern roller derby bout since late 2006 when a small group of women first got together here in the Brisbane area.

The final numbers through the door were over 400 and one dollar from each ticket was donated to Southside Education, a school helping women who’ve fallen from the mainstream school system.

Planning the first season has been an intense learning experience for all, said league President, Nicky Knockout. “The women worked really hard to promote this event and make sure that the community was involved,” she explained

The local band, Girl With Cake played some very cool music while fans got comfortable and our announcers were the SSRG league president, Nicky Knockout and visiting skater Sosume from the Jet City Roller Girls.

From the very first jam whistle hearts were thumping loud enough to be heard above the crowd and a fast and furious bout began.  Stand out jammers were Annabelle Lecter for the Golden Roughs and newbie Cookie Cutter on the Liquorice Short Shorts.  Annabelle stunned the crowd when she went for a double grand slam while Cookie’s skillful maneuvering always seemed to find her the fastest way through the pack.  A special mention has to go to Pinch Anna Punch who obtained the most points scored in one jam.

Two women left the track on Saturday against their will.  Mad Hatter who was expelled in the dying moments of the second period and our favorite blonde, Penelope Pitslut who, in a distracted moment on the Pivot line, fell and suffered a spiral fracture of her Tibia and Fibia.  Lots of healing wishes sent to you Pitslut!

A big shout out to all of our lovely volunteers who steped up and made the season opener such a success.

The Sun State Roller Girls are looking forward to the second bout of the season, coming up on Saturday 11 October at the Beenleigh Arena doors open at 6:30pm.

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TORD 2008 Championship

Posted by hooligal on September 17, 2008

Chicks Ahoy! beat the Gore Gore Rollergirls 114-97 on Saturday night, finishing the Toronto Roller Derby League’s second season in the top spot.

Played at an arena in the city’s west end in front of more than 800 screaming fans, the tense game was only truly decided in the final period.

While the Chicks came on strong at the beginning, leading at the end of the first period, the Gore-Gores were up by five points as the game went into its final 20 minutes.

The Chicks had been defeated by the Gores earlier this season and were seen by some as the match underdog — something team captain Sally “Mach Wheels” Brabant denies.

“I don’t think that the Chicks were the underdog,” she says. “I think that both teams came in with the possibility of the win.”

“For the past almost two seasons we’ve really put the time in. Most of the people on the team were not athletes before. They really worked hard.”

The Toronto Roller Derby League launched its first season in the summer of 2007 and attracts hundreds of people to its games.

The game is played on an oval track by five skaters at a time.

One skater from each team — the “jammer” — tries to pass as many of the opposing team’s players as many times as possible in an effort to score points. She earns one point for each opposing skater she passes on each lap.

Physical contact is allowed and encouraged, and players come with playful monikers such as Miss Behaviour, Dyna Hurtcha and Spee Dee Ramone.

Use with permission from

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Working towards debut season

Posted by Sue Beyer on September 12, 2008

The Northern Brisbane Rollers (NBR) began in January 2008 and based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia are working towards their debut season starting in April 2009. With 15 regular derby skaters who have passed the first minimum skills test, it’s looking good. “We hope to have at least 30 regular derby skaters by February 2009”, says Chyna Rhino one of the founding members of NBR. “Interest in the beginner derby nights held at Albany Creek Skateaway is increasing, with many eager girls attending regularly”.

NBR has also recently been approved by the ‘Queensland Government Office of Fair Trading’ as an incorporated, not-for-profit Co-op. Being an incorporated co-op provides a flat structure that the founding members of NBR were interested in pursuing, while still enabling NBR to provide insurance for it’s members under Skate Australia.

For more information on the Northern Brisbane Rollers, check out the website at:

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Everyone Loves Videos!

Posted by hooligal on September 10, 2008

So I’ve been doing my usual ‘lets browse youtube for kick ass derby clips’ and though I’d share some International vids with you all.

First a fairly old (late 2007) video on 20/20 with the Pirate City Rollergirls. Now I love the PCR mostly because I love pirates, but also because even here they totally kick ass, I can’t imagine how good they are a year later!

Next I have a little video of my own league, also from last year, playing the Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz, who we’re back to play in just a couple weeks (eek!). This video is unique because I think we may be the only leagues outside america who play TXRD-ish penalty games, the bout was also played in a nightclub on possibly the most dangerous track in the world. Very rock and roll.

The Hour did a great piece last year on the Toronto Roller Derby ladies championship bout (Gore Gore Rollergirls vs Chicks Ahoy), not only do I love this video, but those same two leagues are about to face each other AGAIN for this years championship!

And last but not least, I have a video from our fellow London league the London Rollergirls, of their last bout Summer Shovin. Not only do I love the music in this video, but the best intro ever is done by Raw Heidi (LOVE YA RAW). Just watch.

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International Fresh Meat

Posted by hooligal on September 10, 2008

I got sent a link today to another international blog (please, send them my way!), which was unique to other blogs I’ve seen. An anonymous fresh meat skater from New Zealand is recounting her experiences from day one of joining derby. It’s been a couple of years now since I’ve been fresh meat, and it’s great to go back to the day where getting my first set of pads was an electric experience. And of course its 100% international, hey hey!
So check it out! Pads ‘n’ All – The Confessions of a Skater Girl

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Derby Nation

Posted by hooligal on September 6, 2008

Have you joined Derby Nation yet? Well why the hell not?!

Derby Nation is a community for anything and everything related to roller derby! Post your bout and event dates. Share pictures. Create groups for your league or team. Chat on the message boards. Blog about derby life.

Besides having a logo which is what I totally wanted for Inter Derby but couldn’t design (haha) they also have many awesome features, the best one being events. It’s a bit like a myspace-esque site, where you can add friends, join groups etc.

So what are you waiting for, head on over there

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