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Looking for RELIABLE bloggers

Posted by hooligal on October 29, 2008

I can’t do this on my own! Inter Derby is a wonderful idea but I only have so many hours in the day to scour the net for international derby news. So PLEASE help me!

I need bloggers and casual submitters. Even if you just add to you league newsletter and tell me your upcoming events, that would help! But I would really like a few good women to do bout recaps, submit press and general updates on whats happening in your corner of the globe.

Just send an email to !

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BBDD vs LRG – More Capital Punishment

Posted by Fury on October 29, 2008

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LRG v BBDD Capital Punishment averted!

Posted by hooligal on October 27, 2008

The Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames travel team Brummie Bombshells (with Glasgow guest skaters) hosted the London Rollergirls London Brawling on Saturday in a bout between the two oldest leagues in the UK. Many a derby girl and fan alike came out to watch the BBDD try to dish out some capital punishment on the London ladies. Alas the Dames gave it all they had but the LRG came out on top with an astounding 274-23 victory.

Kitty DeCapitate and Sky Rockit scored massive 20 & 22 points jams respectively, breaking UK but  not quite enough to break world records (25 points in one jam).

Check out video highlights from Baron Von Strange

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London in Stuttgart Part II

Posted by hooligal on October 21, 2008

Now its time for the video section of our internationally mixed game of Germany’s Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz vs England’s London Rockin Rollers.

You can catch the better quality version of this video here, and the whole article here.

Final Score: London Rockin Rollers 81 – 76 Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz

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London in Stuttgart Newspaper

Posted by hooligal on October 17, 2008

English meets German, you can get more international then press coverage in another language. Written in german, featuring a photo of Mogatron, Whip It, and Jack Attack from my league the London Rockin Rollers, covers the game between us and the hosting league, the Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz.

And FYI, MTV is their sports association, not the american music station. 😉

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LRG’s First Themed Team Bout: First Blood!

Posted by hooligal on October 10, 2008

This summer the London Rollergirls took a break to chose their three themed intraleague teams, they are (drumroll please):

Steam Rollers (Steam-Punk!)

SuffraJets (Retro feminist from the future!)

Ultraviolent Femmes (A Clockwork Horrorshow!)

In their first bout, the SuffraJets unleashed some opressed wrath on the Ultraviolents, taking an early lead in the first period. But the UFs were not about to take a tolchocking, and gave a horrowshow performance, closing the gap in the second period. But alas, it was not enough and the SuffraJets drew first blood, winning the game! Congrats!

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Capital Punishment: Brummie Bombshells vs London Brawling

Posted by Fury on October 7, 2008

It’s the one they’ve all been waiting for . . . . . .

For the first time, the two oldest leagues in the UK will finally meet on the track for a slamtastic showdown where the Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames “Brummie Bombshells” will roll the Captial Punishment all over the London Rollergirls all-star travel team “London Brawling” leaving them with nothing more than old smoke . . . and a lot bruises . . .

Adults £8 Advance, £10 Door
Under 14’s £3.50
Under 5’s free!

For tickets go to:

After party at Subside!

Birmingham v London!

Captial Punishement: Birmingham v London!

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