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LRG’s First Themed Team Bout: First Blood!

Posted by hooligal on October 10, 2008

This summer the London Rollergirls took a break to chose their three themed intraleague teams, they are (drumroll please):

Steam Rollers (Steam-Punk!)

SuffraJets (Retro feminist from the future!)

Ultraviolent Femmes (A Clockwork Horrorshow!)

In their first bout, the SuffraJets unleashed some opressed wrath on the Ultraviolents, taking an early lead in the first period. But the UFs were not about to take a tolchocking, and gave a horrowshow performance, closing the gap in the second period. But alas, it was not enough and the SuffraJets drew first blood, winning the game! Congrats!


2 Responses to “LRG’s First Themed Team Bout: First Blood!”

  1. What was the score? Anyone?

  2. Fox Sake said

    Suffra Jets 126 – 94 Ultraviolent Femmes

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