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LRG v BBDD Capital Punishment averted!

Posted by hooligal on October 27, 2008

The Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames travel team Brummie Bombshells (with Glasgow guest skaters) hosted the London Rollergirls London Brawling on Saturday in a bout between the two oldest leagues in the UK. Many a derby girl and fan alike came out to watch the BBDD try to dish out some capital punishment on the London ladies. Alas the Dames gave it all they had but the LRG came out on top with an astounding 274-23 victory.

Kitty DeCapitate and Sky Rockit scored massive 20 & 22 points jams respectively, breaking UK but  not quite enough to break world records (25 points in one jam).

Check out video highlights from Baron Von Strange

2 Responses to “LRG v BBDD Capital Punishment averted!”

  1. Kitty DeCapitate said

    wow thanks hooli!

  2. Bee Sting said

    Thanks for this — it was a tough game, London being the most experienced and their travel team being well known for being a hard team to beat. With a lot of our girls injured and having guest skaters that we didn’t practice with it was going to be a tough one from the start (and it was!)

    We’re still proud of the nachos it took to even take them on — and we learned a lot! And we know we deliverd some bruises!

    Bring on the rematch in May!

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