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European Power Rankings

Posted by hooligal on July 20, 2009

Inspired by derby news network, and following the wake of Roll Britannia,  I present Interderbys new european power rankings!

Based on point differentials of roll britannia, heres how the teams appear to rank, and will move about the rankings from the results of interleague rankings from this point on.

1. London Rollergirls: clear number ones, this team blew apart the competition at Roll Britanna by huge point differentials.

2.Glasgow Roller Girls:  GRG ranked 3rd at Roll Britannia but  GRG played ARRG +50 point to GRG, where ARRG played BBDD with a +14 point differential in Birmingham’s favour, placing GRG above Birmingham.

3.Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames:  Birmingham have lost key player Union Jack-U-Up, but are still going strong. A full bouting season is sure to lay ahead for next year, hopfully including a bout against #2 Glasgow.

4.London Rockin’ Rollers:   London only lost to Glasgow by 11 points in their game, compared to Auld Reekies 50, moving LRR to number 4.
5.Auld Reekie Rollergirls: The Edinburgh team made a great tournament debut, winning their seed but taking a hard loss to number 2 Glasgow.

6.Stuttgart Valley Roller Girls strong team going since 2007, they faired well against number 1 LRG.

7.Berlin Bombshells : Another new team who made an upset in the seeded rankings, taking a lead against number 3 Birmingham in the first few jams. With some experience this team could rise up.

8.Cental City Rollergirls: Birmingham’s other team played strongly against ARRG, but a similar point differential to Berlin’s game against stronger team Birmingham Blitz places Central below Berlin.

9. Leeds Roller Dolls:  Lost to Berlin by barely 10 points, but also faired well in their Birmingham game. I can easly see this team moving up in rankings in the next season.

10. Rainy City Rollergirls: A tough first bout for the rainy city rollergirls as their seed contained two very experienced teams. They played well and will be more accurately ranked once they begin bouting fulltime.

Teams from Roll Britannia unable to rank because of mixed team status:
Middlesbourgh Milk Rollers

Royal Windsor Roller Girls

Brawlin’ Angels Roller Girls

Romsey Town Rollerbillies

Rebellion Rollergirls

I would ideally love to see closely ranked teams play each other in the near future.

I’m not a huge stat geek-think the rankings should be different, please post a comment on why!

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Northern Brisbane Rollers head into bout #4!

Posted by sweetenemy on July 8, 2009

NBR Bout #4 - 13th July 09

NBR Bout #4 - 13th July 09

For the Northern Brisbane Rollers, passing the roller derby hump of completing their first season is slowly approaching! With numerous obstacles such as illness and injury plaguing the league they still command an impressive crowd and never fail to wow their fans! Heading into their 4th Bout, this one will be no exception!

It stands at present with the Cupcake Cannibals on top with a 2:1 win against the Cut-Throat Cowgirls. The Cut-throats took the first bout with only a few points to spare. The second bout saw the cupcakes redeem themselves with an equally close score, leaving fans on the edge of their seat right until the final jam! With the third bout being a decider on who gets to claim current top pole position it left the cut-throats demolished! The score board showed an impressive score by the cupcakes, DOUBLE the cowgirls!

Will the Cut-throats redeem themselves to lead up to a decider bout #5???

BOUT #4 – 13th July – Doors Open @ 6.30pm
Cupcake Cannibals VS Cut-throat Cowgirls

Morayfield Park Leisure Centre
298 Morayfield Road, Morayfield QLD

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