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Posted by hooligal on July 20, 2009

Inspired by derby news network, and following the wake of Roll Britannia,  I present Interderbys new european power rankings!

Based on point differentials of roll britannia, heres how the teams appear to rank, and will move about the rankings from the results of interleague rankings from this point on.

1. London Rollergirls: clear number ones, this team blew apart the competition at Roll Britanna by huge point differentials.

2.Glasgow Roller Girls:  GRG ranked 3rd at Roll Britannia but  GRG played ARRG +50 point to GRG, where ARRG played BBDD with a +14 point differential in Birmingham’s favour, placing GRG above Birmingham.

3.Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames:  Birmingham have lost key player Union Jack-U-Up, but are still going strong. A full bouting season is sure to lay ahead for next year, hopfully including a bout against #2 Glasgow.

4.London Rockin’ Rollers:   London only lost to Glasgow by 11 points in their game, compared to Auld Reekies 50, moving LRR to number 4.
5.Auld Reekie Rollergirls: The Edinburgh team made a great tournament debut, winning their seed but taking a hard loss to number 2 Glasgow.

6.Stuttgart Valley Roller Girls strong team going since 2007, they faired well against number 1 LRG.

7.Berlin Bombshells : Another new team who made an upset in the seeded rankings, taking a lead against number 3 Birmingham in the first few jams. With some experience this team could rise up.

8.Cental City Rollergirls: Birmingham’s other team played strongly against ARRG, but a similar point differential to Berlin’s game against stronger team Birmingham Blitz places Central below Berlin.

9. Leeds Roller Dolls:  Lost to Berlin by barely 10 points, but also faired well in their Birmingham game. I can easly see this team moving up in rankings in the next season.

10. Rainy City Rollergirls: A tough first bout for the rainy city rollergirls as their seed contained two very experienced teams. They played well and will be more accurately ranked once they begin bouting fulltime.

Teams from Roll Britannia unable to rank because of mixed team status:
Middlesbourgh Milk Rollers

Royal Windsor Roller Girls

Brawlin’ Angels Roller Girls

Romsey Town Rollerbillies

Rebellion Rollergirls

I would ideally love to see closely ranked teams play each other in the near future.

I’m not a huge stat geek-think the rankings should be different, please post a comment on why!

19 Responses to “European Power Rankings”

  1. Bette Noir said

    Re-commented from DNN….come on geeks…lets get those views in!

    Understand your enthusiasm for trying to start this up, but honestly I don’t think one person (who happens to be a member of one of the teams ranked) can be the sole arbiter of Eu rankings. The people who do DNN rankings are not players, but rather observers.

    Also, you are forgetting something in the point differentials you are using to jig the spots…the semis and finals were all full length games, while the day one round games were short 20 minutes of a full bout. Surely another 20 minutes could have made big changes in those scores, so i dont think its an accurate way to judge.

  2. hooligal said

    true, i’d just like to have the starting point and am looking for input from anyone anywhere.

  3. hooligal said

    o yea and nowhere am I saying these are ‘official’ or anyone take them too seriously, but it does give a good guide as to who should bout whom soon to see a real rankings develop.

  4. hooligal said

    I’d also like to mention that ARRG took on glasgow fresh from a lrg knockabout with a very short rest inbetween games, where arrg had much longer to recouperate. surely 20 extra minutes would have worked in ARRGs favour there, I am firm, that even without bias towards my team, that the top 5 are fairly accurate. I am also confident that if Glasgow played Birmingham in the semis instead, that glasgow would have won. I think there would be many who agree with me.

  5. Ballistic Whistle said

    It’s definitely time that we tried to put together some kind of euro ranking system in an effort to prompt closely matched teams to play each other. This will have the added incentive of there being something on the line for future euro bouts.

    Unfortunately up until now, and even after Roll Britannia, using anything other than bout results would be speculation. During the tournament teams adjusted their rosters which often had little bearing on the bout result, but definitely did on the points differential (not to mention the shorter games as Bette said).

    Should the draw have been kinder to some teams, the weekend may have worked out differently, but again, that’s speculation.

    Using the tournament’s day 2 results to gauge the top 4 would be a good starting point, then place the other leagues based on their respective results against those ranked teams. After that point it will only take one bout for a league to know one way or the other if they should be ranked higher.

    Just my 2p.


    • Poobah said

      THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!1!! Sorry, I thought that if I started off yelling angrily you’d recognize me as an American from having watched us of late on the news.

      I’m glad someone’s attempting to rank the Euro teams. One way to fix any rankings she might have guesstimated wrongly would be to hold some more interleague bouts and prove her wrong!

      Would that someone could do this with the non-WFTDA leagues in my area.

  6. I think it is great that this is being done giving everyone a chance to work there way up a ranking system!!! Unless you are already at the top!! I know rcrg had a great time at roll so thanks to LRG for putting it on and thanks to GRG and LRR for two really great games!! Also i would love to give you an update of the rainy city roller girls and our goings on

    loads of derby love to all my derby friends out there

    Scrim Til Deth (ref)

  7. Bette Noir said

    I think the Glasgow or BBDD question is an interesting point.

    For now, BBDD gets number 2 in most people’s minds. But I personally think Glasgow is a very strong team, and I reckon they might have been able to beat BBDD in the semi’s had they met.

    I suppose LRR and AARG better get a game scheduled soon to see whats what.

    I also think Berlin is going to be a force to watch out for given a bit more time and experience.

  8. Crazylegs (ARRG) said

    Aah – we’d love to play LRR, just got to get schedules sorted and our breaths back!!…watch this space!!

  9. lighterfuel said

    GRG are second seeds everyone at the bout knows that. the groupings were unfavorable for the grg. had the draw been different there would be no mistaking their position in the uk derby rankings.
    LRG(london brawling) dominated the weekend by a huge margin. id like to see a GRG vs UVF or SJ or SR bout i think it would be better for the scene as the entire LRG are in another league at the moment to the rest of uk derby, hats off to them and all that but it didnt make good sport.

    • Bette Noir said

      LRG really would like to get over to the states with the A team and play some teams that can kick our butts….we dont want to win by big margins all the time. But it was a tournament…we aint gonna hold back on a seriously competitive event. That doesnt help us get people in the states wanting to play us.

  10. I agree with bette LRG are an amazing team and should definatly do an american tour if they can!! I would love to see a UK team go over and play the americans and maybe even beat them at there own game lol!!!!

  11. Oooh the debate! GRG played extremely well as did all of the teams involved in Roll Britannia. I agree that there is no point in LRG ‘going soft’ on a team, as this was after all a competition. Hopefully one day ARRG will be good enough to give LRG a run for thier money – but they’re safe for now 🙂 he he he – love you guys.



    • Poobah said

      At one point in time it seemed like nobody would ever be able to beat the Texas Rollergirls Texecutioners on a flat track. It also seemed like no one would ever be able to beat the TXRD Lonestar Rollergirls All Scar Army on a banked track. Both of these events have since come to pass.

      I’d agree that LRG would do well against American teams. As to WHICH American teams, I couldn’t really say.

  12. Viper said

    Interesting reading (and I have to admit to liking being ranked second, thanx Hooli LOL) But GRG would like to have actually played to get a second place.

    CONGRATS BRUM… on your hard played for second place…;-)GRG are over the moon to be 3rd, AND thoroughly enjoyed participating in RB, and now Im no longer sore, Id like to do it all again LOL…
    LRG gave all of UK Rollerderby a day to remember, no matter what the outcome was… In a way we all won;-))

    I would love to see LRG go to the US and play there, seeing them win would be amazing…. A UK team taking on the world!!!… FANTASTIC…. GO LRG… I hope you get your US games;-)

    Congrats to them for not only winning but putting on an amazingly well organized event… The work involved must have been enormous….Truely an awesome feat;-)

    Viper GRG X

  13. Jay Pegg said

    If you use ELO rankings, the European ‘power’ leage – not including teams that haven’t bouted enough times to make the minimum X value would be something like this…

    London Brawling 1607
    Birmingham Blitz Dames 1565
    Glasgow Rollergirls 1563
    Auld Reekie Rollergirls 1558
    London Brawl Saints 1547 *
    London Rockin Rollers 1509
    Berlin Bombshells 1482
    Stuttgart Valley 1477
    Rainy City Rollergirls 1474
    Leeds Rollergirls 1467
    Central City 1453

    You can’t infer too much with only 77 bouts to work with, but you can see that LRG are skating off into the distance, Brum, Glasgow and Auld Reekie are all much of a muchness (although expect Birmingham to fall away), LRR are a little behind and then the rest of the pack are a much of a muchness. Also, Leeds should be higher placed than they are and should be around the LRR mark.

    • hooligal said

      Yes, but then look at the head to head…LRR have beaten Bham since then, Brawl Saints have beaten Glasgow… your system doesn’t quite work unfortunetly, maybe it would as you say with more bout statistics?

      • Upsets occur in all rankings systems. Including WFTDA’s voted rankings, DNN’s “three-guy-chat” system, and the three computed ranking systems (All-Knowing DerbyTron, Dytes, and Flat Track Stats.

        If the outcome of every bout went strictly according to current rankings, teams would never move up or down. Sin City and Arizona would still be near the top of the rankings and Windy City Rollers would be near the bottom (as they were in 2007).

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