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Northern Brisbane Rollers head into bout #4!

Posted by sweetenemy on July 8, 2009

NBR Bout #4 - 13th July 09

NBR Bout #4 - 13th July 09

For the Northern Brisbane Rollers, passing the roller derby hump of completing their first season is slowly approaching! With numerous obstacles such as illness and injury plaguing the league they still command an impressive crowd and never fail to wow their fans! Heading into their 4th Bout, this one will be no exception!

It stands at present with the Cupcake Cannibals on top with a 2:1 win against the Cut-Throat Cowgirls. The Cut-throats took the first bout with only a few points to spare. The second bout saw the cupcakes redeem themselves with an equally close score, leaving fans on the edge of their seat right until the final jam! With the third bout being a decider on who gets to claim current top pole position it left the cut-throats demolished! The score board showed an impressive score by the cupcakes, DOUBLE the cowgirls!

Will the Cut-throats redeem themselves to lead up to a decider bout #5???

BOUT #4 – 13th July – Doors Open @ 6.30pm
Cupcake Cannibals VS Cut-throat Cowgirls

Morayfield Park Leisure Centre
298 Morayfield Road, Morayfield QLD


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VRDL: Queen of the Slammed

Posted by hooligal on November 3, 2008

This weekend the Dead Ringer Rosies take on the Toxic Avengers!

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The Sun State Roller Girls Bout 1 Season Opener

Posted by rubyribcrusher on September 18, 2008

The Liquorice Short Shorts vs the Golden Roughs

The Liquorice Short Shorts vs the Golden Roughs

The Sun State Roller Girls season opener was held on Saturday 13 September at Beenleigh Arena in Queensland’s South East corner.  Underdogs the Liquorice Short Shorts battled the Golden Roughs and came out on top with a smashing score of 141 to 102. Queensland has been egerly anticipating this first modern roller derby bout since late 2006 when a small group of women first got together here in the Brisbane area.

The final numbers through the door were over 400 and one dollar from each ticket was donated to Southside Education, a school helping women who’ve fallen from the mainstream school system.

Planning the first season has been an intense learning experience for all, said league President, Nicky Knockout. “The women worked really hard to promote this event and make sure that the community was involved,” she explained

The local band, Girl With Cake played some very cool music while fans got comfortable and our announcers were the SSRG league president, Nicky Knockout and visiting skater Sosume from the Jet City Roller Girls.

From the very first jam whistle hearts were thumping loud enough to be heard above the crowd and a fast and furious bout began.  Stand out jammers were Annabelle Lecter for the Golden Roughs and newbie Cookie Cutter on the Liquorice Short Shorts.  Annabelle stunned the crowd when she went for a double grand slam while Cookie’s skillful maneuvering always seemed to find her the fastest way through the pack.  A special mention has to go to Pinch Anna Punch who obtained the most points scored in one jam.

Two women left the track on Saturday against their will.  Mad Hatter who was expelled in the dying moments of the second period and our favorite blonde, Penelope Pitslut who, in a distracted moment on the Pivot line, fell and suffered a spiral fracture of her Tibia and Fibia.  Lots of healing wishes sent to you Pitslut!

A big shout out to all of our lovely volunteers who steped up and made the season opener such a success.

The Sun State Roller Girls are looking forward to the second bout of the season, coming up on Saturday 11 October at the Beenleigh Arena doors open at 6:30pm.

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