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Results ‎From Canada’s Beast of the East 2009

Posted by hooligal on May 16, 2009

April 25th saw 16 Eastern Canadian Teams battle it out in the second year of Beast Of The East. Last year the Hamilton Harlots from Hammer City Rollergirls take the title. This year Montreal was determined to keep the prize on their home turf.

n698265036_6734376_1058603Teams from Hammer City Roller Girls (Harlots, Death Row Dames), Toronto Roller Derby (Chicks Ahoy, Smoke City Betties, Gore Gore Rollergirls, Bay Street Bruisers, Death Track Dolls), London (Thames Fatales), Tri City Rollergirls (Venus Fly Tramps, Vicious Dishes), Ottawa Roller Girls (Capital Carnage), Rideau Valley (Slaughter Daughters), GTA Rollergirls (Derby Debutantes) and of course Montreal (La Racaille, Les Contrabanditas, Les Filles du Roi) took to the track in a tiring 28 bouts (20 min bouts) over two days.

A great game-by-game play can be found at the wonderful Derby News Network

I wish I was there to see this contest. Some newer leagues (GTA Rollergirls, both Ottawa Teams, Tri City Rollergirls-all have been going for only about a year or so) were going head to head with some leagues who’ve been around 3 years or more. Some surpises in store though where previous Tri City winners Venus Fly Tramps were taken out by the less experienced Slaughter Daughters in a 34 point gap. Slaughter Daughters also went on to eliminate another experienced team-the Thames Fatales. Whilst the Vicious Dishes beat the Bay Street Bruisers, a team who has been running for over 3 years.

I was glad to see the Smoke City Betties power their way to the semi-finals. Since I’ve left canada they have clearly improved. They were playing in the tournament with their leagues two previous championship winners (Gore Gores, Chicks Ahoy) but only they made it as far as they did. Could we have a new TORD championship team this year?

The Championship bout saw two home teams from Montreal face off against each other, La Racaille and Lesn698265036_6772258_3486918 Contrabanditas. A really tight game, but La Racaille came out on top to be crowned BEAST OF THE EAST CHAMPIONS!!!!

Congrats to all that participated and gave their all!

Results ‎(Beast of the East 2009)‎

Photos by the talented Derek Lang of

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Canada- Beast of the East

Posted by hooligal on April 3, 2009

It’s coming…Hosted by Montreal Roller Derby 16 Eastern North American teams battle it out for the coveted Beast of The East title and bragging rights.

Hamilton Harlots from Hammercity Rollergirls won it last year, can they take the prize again? Will Ottawa have to bout Ottawa? Will someone walk away with the Steam Roller (afterparty game, its like derby but on the floor) championship title?

There’s only one way to find out.

April (Avril for you frenchies) 25-26th in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Get your tickets in advance here.

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Canadian Globe and Mail cover European Flat-Track

Posted by hooligal on February 5, 2009

A picture of the recent bout in Stuttgart between the Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz and the Birmingham Blitz german1Derby Dames appeared in the Canadian Globe and Mail

Canadian derby girls are asking, ‘Hey, why not a Canadian league?!’. Fair enough, but us European derby players won’t complain ;).

So to even the score I searched the Globe and Mail site for other derby related articles:

Stoli Von Stingray of the Terminal City Rollergirls (Vancouver, BC) is featured in this documentary showing the difference between her day job and night persona, and her personal take on derby.

A typical roller derby article featuring Montreal Roller Derby.

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Tri City vs Montreal: Little Bout of Horrors

Posted by hooligal on November 3, 2008

My favourite fledgling roller derby league back home in Ontario had their first Interleague home bout last weekend. While it pains me that I wasn’t there to see the Tri-City Thunder take on Montreal’s new B-team The Montreal Sexpos, Nia Capps from Derby Luv was there to catch the action! – Hooligal

Reposted from

If you are a newer rollergirl, and you haven’t yet hopped in a car full of rollergirls to go see a bout of other teams, you need to plan something like that with your friends. You’ll learn things like what they do in their day jobs, about their derby widows, pets, and of course, you can all talk roller derby, derby gossip, derby, derby, derby…. and then go see a bout of roller derby!

Last night, it was off to New Hamburg, just 24km outside of the Kitchener-Waterloo area, about 35-40 minutes west of Hamilton. When we got to the arena, just before team intros, I found out Tri-City found an arena that is no longer used, and so it has no ice being put down and rents out cheap, so they have a perfect place to put on a bout.

I waved hello to Tri-City, and hugged a few of my ex-teammates from Montreal as we walked past the lined up skaters to get into the suicide seats. The bout was 2 periods of 30 minutes, and the first half hour showed that Tri-City has been working their asses off. They were fast, had great teamwork but their blockers, and were often able to form a wall at the front of the pack, leaving Montreal blockers behind. Both teams suffered multiple penalties, often for blocking out of play. At the end of the first period, the score was 23-65 for the Sexpos. The Sexpos jammers weren’t always lead jammer, but they racked up points and proved to be fast, agile skaters that could block their way through Tri-City when necessary.
Notable shows:
Tri-City’s Bareleigh Legal took a hit so hard, she flew out of bounds and almost into her team. She tried to make it back to the track so she wouldn’t have to sit out for two jams, and she was suspected to have a broken rib… Tri-City has some tough derby girls for sure.

L’il Homewrecker, of Montreal, who was injured for the Montreal regular season, was in fine form last night, and No Holds Bard #2X4 and Heartless Bitch #33 1/3 are great jammer additions for the Montreal league.

For the second half, Montreal continued to dominate in scoring, and the hits got harder, the crowd cheered louder for the Tri-City Thunder jammers as they got lead jammer status and kept fighting throughout the period. The final score was 112-50 for the Montreal Sexpos.

Wanna see a video of one of the jams?

Notable Trivia:
** Tri-City Roller girls have been assisted with training by Anita Martini, who played her last game as a Thames Fatales in London’s Skate of the Dead last week. She is a Kitchener, and I hear she’s joining Tri-City for her next season.

** 5 players for the Sexpos are fresh meat for Montreal, that aren’t drafted to final teams yet, and had never played in a public bout.

** Stone Mason, was the announcer, a great one, by the way, and HCRG refs and players volunteered to help out in the penalty box as well as reffing.

** HCRG is playing against Coal City Rollers today, so the folks that were in Tri-City last night and at that after party, were all travelling today to Pennsylvania.

Oh, and the after party? Wow, for a place that’s a good 25-30km from the arena, the turnout at the after party was awesome. I hear KW is a “University” town, but here’s a thought… aren’t they all? Roller derby just rocks, and of course people turn out when they are turned on to it, right?

Ok, and final thought for today:
While talking with Autumn Von Rotten of the London Thrashers last night, I told her this:

Roller derby is the best sport ever, and everyone should play it. If they can’t play it, they should ref it or volunteer for it. If they can’t do that, they should be fans of it, and everyone should buy merch to support it. And I believe two things: It’s better to lose than not play, and better to fall down than not skate.

Can I get an Amen?

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Inter Derby Interviews the Famous Uncle Leon

Posted by hooligal on September 18, 2008

I had the immense pleasure of asking a few questions of my favourite roller derby related artist Uncle Leon from Uncle Leon and the Alibis. You would know them best from the rockin rollin, hard hitting, internationally famed derby song Roller Derby Saved My Soul.

Now you have been in a lot of international derby press, has this skyrocketed you to worldwide fame?

It’s funny—there hasn’t been any real attention from the American press, but I’ve received some nice coverage in other countries. Derby Luv in Montreal, Canada gave us a great interview before the tour last year, and the guys up at The Bluesbunny in Glasgow have become some of my biggest supporters. The song has been used by the BBC in Birmingham and in a film called “Roller Derby Dolls” that just aired on television in Australia. The funniest thing is when some newspaper does a story about their local roller derby league and they quote the words “Roller Derby Saved My Soul” without even realizing it’s a song. I fear I’m dangerously close to coining a catchphrase.

I think I’m what you call “Myspace Famous”. Meaning that, on any given night, I’ll sit down at the computer and get amazing e-mail messages from people I’ve never met—in random places like Brisbane, Australia or Dana Point, California or wherever—telling me how much they love my music and how they wish I would come to their town. But when I leave the house to buy groceries, I still get treated like the faceless nobody I really am.

We caught wind that you were possibly coming to England to do a solo acoustic tour. I for one was very excited, but heard nothing more, what happened?

That’s still a very real possibility. I don’t know any details yet, but I talked to someone from a small record label who was interested in releasing a UK-only Uncle Leon album. If that happens, they’ll definitely want me over there to push it. I know nothing about the UK touring circuit, so I’d need some help there. But I would love the chance to bring my message of drunkenness and debauchery to a worldwide audience. (Though, from what I hear, you Brits do that pretty well without me.)

Your music has quite alot of different sounds to it, a bit of country, a bit of rockabilly and a slight punk feeling, what bands are you majorly influenced by?

Vocally, I borrow heavily from the classic country guys–Johnny Cash, Roger Miller, a little bit of Hank Williams and Willie Nelson at times. (Though I wouldn’t claim to be as good as any one of them.) Rhythmically, I owe it all to Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry. In terms of pure, sloppy anything-goes insanity, I take my cue from Hasil Adkins. And you’re right—at heart, I’m just an aging punk rocker, so there’s a lot of that underlying, rough-around-the edges spirit there. I also have to mention that there was a whole collection of cowpunk acts—particularly Mojo Nixon and Elvis Hitler—who had a huge effect on me as a teenager in the ‘80s. They’re the ones who really made me realize that old-school, shitkicking country was more badass than half the punk records I was listening to.

What inspired you to do a country cover the song Baby Got Back (my favourite Uncle Leon song!)

The short answer is, I like big butts.

The longer answer: I already had a song called “Hot Rod Mamas”. It’s all about the fact that, as a man, I can’t stand the type of skinny, stupid-acting, high-maintenance woman that we’re all told we’re supposed to lust after. Instead, I say I want a “shit-talking, big-butt, little bit of beer gut, hot rod mama with money to blow.” Well, needless to say, this song became a big crowd pleaser. So one night, at the end of that song, as a joke, I went straight into a couple lines from “Baby Got Back”, and all the girls in the audience went wild. I realized that whenever they hear that song, women go crazy because (a) they all think they have huge butts, regardless of their actual size, and (b) at its heart, “Baby Got Back” is saying the same thing “Hot Rod Mamas” is: that it’s okay to be the sexy, voluptuous woman you are. And after I’d done it once, it became the song they all screamed for at every show.

Also, at the risk of getting too philosophical here, I like the idea of covering a familiar song in a completely different musical style. Because the big secret is that, even though hip-hop and country come from very different places socially and stylistically, they both basically cover the same subject matter—sex, breakups, wild parties, and hard times. All I’m doing is pointing out the similarities. And getting a few laughs in the process.

Besides Roller Derby Saved My Soul, why do you think Uncle Leon and the Alibis has been received so warmly by the roller derby community?

As I mentioned before, I had already spent years singing the praises of big, tough, wild women. Rollergirls just happen to fit the description. Starting a roller derby is a lot like starting a band—if you want to make it happen, you really have to do it on your own. And I like to think that roller derby girls value a lot of the same things I do: independence, toughness, a certain do-it-yourself spirit… and beer. Lots of beer.

Some of your songs deal with love or heartbreak, have you had the pleasure/pain of dating a roller derby girl yet?

I won’t name any names, but… yes. She’s actually a retired derby girl. The most hilarious part about it is that, when we first started going out, she couldn’t believe that she was my first one.

(ed. note: First one..its a whole new virginity, dating a rollergirl. It’s probably the only time a girl will say to a guy ‘Oh, it’s your first time? This might hurt a bit’ haha)

What influenced you to write Roller Derby Saved My Soul?

I was already a big fan of the sport. My friend was in the process of filming a roller derby documentary, so I figured he should have a song to go with it. I was getting a little tired of that same one-two country beat, and wanted to do something a little more rock’n’roll again. And here in the U.S., there’s this whole scary Evangelical TV-preacher thing that I’ve always been fascinated with, so I kind played up that angle. I can’t say I put much serious thought into it at the time, but they lyrics seem to really strike a chord with a lot of people.

Where is the weirdest place you’ve seen the Roller Derby Saved My Soul catchphrase emblazened across?

Ms. Hell's famed tattoo

There’s a woman named Ms. Hell, of the Tornado Alley Rollergirls in Oklahoma City. She’s got it tattooed inhuge letters across her back. I got to meet her in person at the national championship in Texas last year. It’s one thing to have someone tell you she likes your song, and quite another to stand there and see your words etched into her skin. It was definitely one of the weirdest experiences of my life.

Who’s your favourite derby team?

Oh hell. If I answer that, I’m going to have rollergirls in every state waiting to kick my ass. Let me just say this: Kentucky’s Black-N-Bluegrass Rollergirls have been the nicest to me. But the Mad Rollin’ Dolls in Wisconsin throw the best parties.

And finally, which do you prefer, skirts or hotpants?

Whichever one shows it off the best, darlin’.

Thank you for taking the time to compleate this interview, and we hope you continue on your quest for worldwide musical derby domination!

Check him out and buy his stuff!!!


Derby Luv interview:

Bluesbunny interview:

“Roller Derby Dolls” official page:


Get  “Roller Derby Saved My Soul” included in Drew Barrymore’s upcoming roller derby film “Whip It!”, with this online petition!

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We’re Back…kinda sorta

Posted by hooligal on September 5, 2008

Inter Derby is back, huzzah! I’m still in the process of setting up new bloggers and such, but we’re back for the sake of saying so.

That being said, I’m still looking for bloggers and contributors.

Gimmie an email interderby at if you want to write full time, or just would like to submit an event, bout recap, press release, news coverage, ANYTHING.

So what’s been going on while I was away?

Rollercon took place, the ultimate getaway and meet and greet for international rollergirls. Leagues from all over the world came and there is no longer a Team World vs USA, oh no, with all the leagues springing up everywhere there was actually enough attendees to do Team UK vs Team Australia or the Farkin’ ‘Elles vs Cor Blimeys as they named themselves, with Team UK coming out on top 43-28!

Team UK and Australia

Team UK and Australia

Canada fielded two teams, East vs West, with East skating their way to victory.

Team East (Blue) vs West (Red)

Team East (Blue) vs West (Red)

London Rollergirls are hosting the first European tournament July 18-19th 2009. Open to all European teams, but all roller fans are welcome to come watch and/or help out! Stay tuned for details on that!

They also have their first intraleague bout with their BRAND NEW teams coming up Sept 27th. It’s gonna be the Ultraviolent Femmes giving some lashes to the fearless SuffraJets for the first one. The other team, yet to debut, is the Steam Rollers!

And my own team London Rockin Rollers are set for another border crossing adventure to take on the Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz in Stuttgart, Germany, also on Sept 27th. A year after our first game and defeat, we are back in a bout aptly named Time For Revenge!

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Final Scores: Beast of the East

Posted by hooligal on April 22, 2008

 Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: from

What you were all waiting for!
In game order:

01 Pool A – First Round 10:30
Hamilton – Steel Town Tank Girls (40) Toronto – Smoke City Betties (18 )
02 Pool A – First Round 11:00
Montreal – La Racaille (65) Ottawa – Bytown Blackhearts (29)
03 Pool A – First Round 11:30
Hamilton – Death Row Dames (17) Buffalo – Devil Dollies (54 )
04 Pool A – First Round 12:00
Montreal – Les Contrabanditas (50) Toronto – D-VAS (27)
05 Pool A – Quarter Final 12:30
Hamilton – Steel Town Tank Girls (30) Montreal – La Racaille (32)
06 Pool A – Quarter Final 13:00
Buffalo – Devil Dollies (16) Montreal – Les Contrabanditas (42)
07 Pool A – Semi Final 13:30
Montreal – La Racaille (39) Montreal – Les Contrabanditas (32)

08 Pool B – First Round 15:00
Hamilton – Harlots (52) Toronto – Gore-Gore Rollergirls (13)
09 Pool B – First Round 15:30
Toronto – Bay Street Bruisers (45) London – Thames Fatales (38 )
10 Pool B – First Round 16:00
Toronto – Chicks Ahoy! (65) London – Trashers (13)
11 Pool B – First Round 16:30
Montreal – Les Filles du Roi (37) Toronto – Death Track Dolls (23)
12 Pool B – Quarter Final 17:00
Hamilton – Harlots (53) Toronto – Bay Street Bruisers (15)
13 Pool B – Quarter Final 17:30
Toronto – Chicks Ahoy! (30) Montreal – Les Filles du Roi (38 )
14 Pool B – Semi Final 18:00
Hamilton – Harlots (58 ) Montreal – Les Filles du Roi (29)

15 3rd Place Game 20:00
Montreal – Les Contrabanditas vs. Montreal – Les Filles du Roi – Cancelled for time

16 Final Game 20:30
Montreal – La Racaille (18 ) Hamilton – Harlots (55)

Hamilton Harlots are the Beast of the East

See the gallery for more pics from the Beast of the East!

Photo Slideshow:


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Breaking News: Beast of the East Results!

Posted by hooligal on April 20, 2008

From :


First off, kudos to MTLRD for pulling this event together and setting up this tournament. What a derby crash course for those that aren’t familiar with it, what a challenge for the newer teams, and what a chance to show off for the established teams.

Here’s a breakdown – well as much as I caught(I was stuck working the bar longer than my planned shift), but I will try to get the proper results and scores from our Head Ref later…

Steel Town Tank Girls (W) vs Smoke City Betties (L)
La Racaille (W) vs The Bytown Blackhearts (L)
Death Row Dames (L) vs Devil Dollies (W)
Steel Town Tank Girls (L) vs La Racaille (W)
ToRD D-VAS (L) vs MTLRD Les Contrabanditas (W)
Semi-Final 1: Les Contrabanditas (L) vs La Racaille (W)

ToRD Gore Gore Rollergirls (L) vs Hamilton Harlots (W)
Bay Street Brusies (W) vs Thames Fatales (L)
London Thrashers (L) vs ToRD Chicks Ahoy (W)
Death Track Dolls (L) vs Les Filles du Roi (W)
Chicks Ahoy (L) vs Les Filles du Roi (W)
Hamilton Harlots (W) vs Bay Street Bruisers (L)
Semi-Final 2: Hamilton Harlots (W) vs Les Filles du Roi (L)

Beast of the East: Hamilton Harlots

Special nods go out to the London Thrashers, Death Row Dames, and the Thames Fatales. This was one of the first games for some of these teams, and kudos to them for working hard and doing ther best. London played with 7 players against a full bench of Chicks Ahoy, and that was awesome.

Other special notes, the teams to beat will obviously be the Hamilton Harlots, Les Filles du Roi, and a runaway win in their second appearance in MTL La Racaille. Iron Wrench, jammer and captain of La Racaille created a buzz amongst the crowd with her speed and natural agility. Hamilton Harlots, though, deserved the Beast of the East title, they skated tight, fast, and smart. Since I’m moving to Hamilton in a couple of weeks, my response was, ” I wanna grow up to be a Harlot someday.”

Okay then, it was a long day and a crazy after party, so I will see about getting those scores. In the meantime, you can check out all these teams online for news on their season openers.
Derby Luv to ya!

Nia Capps

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Canada’s Beast of the East

Posted by hooligal on March 29, 2008


Alyssa Kwasny
President, MTLRD

Montreal Roller Derby Unleashes the Beast of the East

Montreal, QC – Montreal Roller Derby (MTLRD) is excited to launch
their second season with the unleashing of the Beast of the East on
April 19th, 2008. The Beast of the East is a day long, single-
elimination tournament, and the first ever Eastern Canadian Roller
Derby tournament with 16 teams from Canada and the United States.This
tournament was created with hopes of strengthening the sport of
roller derby in the region, showcasing the skills of upcoming roller
derby talent, and to see whom will reign as the 2008 Beast of
the East.

MTLRD, a women’s amateur flat-track roller derby league, was
established in 2006 and has since grown to a league with over fifty
women, three teams, and one traveling team.MTLRD strives to promote
and foster the sport of roller derby, and help it evolve throughout
the current roller derby explosion of leagues all around the world. A
favourite in the local and national media, these ladies are ready to
start off their second season with a bang. Of course, being the DIY
and aggressive ladies that they are, the second season will be even
bigger and better, with faster skating, stronger whips, harder hits,
and bigger crashes.

MTLRD and the Montreal Underground Film Festival (MUFF) will kick of
the Beast with a screening of the film “Hell on Wheels” Friday, April
18th at Les Saints on 30 Rue Sainte Catherine Ouest, 10pm. Salt Lake
City Weekly raves that, “Hell on Wheels is a killer documentary about
the Austin all-women’s roller-derby leagues that inadvertently
launched a worldwide revival of the sport.” The film had its world
premier in 2007 at South by Southwest with the second largest
audience at the festival, and since has screened upwards of twenty
film festivals with packed audiences every time. MTLRD and MUFF are
thrilled to be presenting such an inspiring film to a new audience.

The Beast of the East roller derby action will go from 10 am to 10 pm
on Saturday April 19th at Arena St Louis, 5633 Rue Saint Dominique.
This will be the event of the season,a roller derby milestone, and
one heck of a good time. For more information about the
Beast of the East, Montreal Roller Derby, or the sport of roller
derby, please visit http://www.mtlrollerderby. com. Don’t forget to check out
one of MTLRD’s legendary after-parties
following the games Saturday night at Bar Syndrome, 5777 Boul. St
Laurent. See you onthe track!


Alyssa Kwasny
Présidente, MTLRD

Montreal Roller Derby présente The Beast of the East

Montréal, QC – La ligue de roller derby de Montréal (MTLRD) est
heureuse de lancer sa deuxième saison en déchaînant la « bête de
l’Est » le 19 avril 2008. The Beast of the East est un tournoi à
élimination simple d’une journée complète. C’est également le tout
premier tournoi de roller derby de l’est canadien comportant seize
équipes du Canada et des États-Unis. L’événement a été créé dans
l’espoir de renforcir ce sport dans la région, de présenter les
nouveaux talents du roller derby et de découvrir l’équipe qui régnera
en tant que « Bête de l’Est » en 2008.

MTLRD est une ligue amateure de roller derby féminin sur piste à
plat. Elle a été créée en 2006 et inclut désormais une cinquantaine
de femmes, trois équipes et une équipe de route. MTLRD vise à
promouvoir le roller derby et encourager son évolution au sein de la
prolification des nouvelles ligues à travers le monde. Très
appréciées des médias locaux et nationaux, ces demoiselles sont fin
prêtes pour leur deuxième saison. Avec ces femmes
aggressives à l’esprit DIY, on peut s’attendre à une meilleure
seconde saison, plus rapide,plus technique avec des coups plus forts
et des collisions encore plus percutantes que
l’année précédente.

MTLRD et le festival de films underground de Montréal (MUFF)
présenteront le film « Hell on Wheels » en introduction au tournoi et
ce, le vendredi 18 avril, 22h à la salle Les Saints
située au 30 Sainte-Catherine Ouest. Le journal Salt Lake City Weekly
affirme que « “Hell on Wheels” est un documentaire fantastique à
propos des ligues de roller derby féminin d’Austin qui ont par
inadvertance lancé une nouvelle vague internationale de roller
derby. » La première mondiale du film a eu lieu en 2007 au festival
South by Southwest devant le deuxième plus grand public de
l’événement. Depuis, il a été présenté devant des salles combles dans
plus de vingt festivals de films. MTLRD et MUFF sont très heureux de
présenter ce film inspirant à de nouveaux spectateurs.

Le tournoi The Beast of the East se tiendra de 10h à 22h le samedi 19
avril à l’aréna Saint-Louis au 5633 Saint-Dominique. Ce sera un
événement marquant pour la saison et le roller derby en général ainsi
qu’une occasion d’avoir beaucoup de plaisir. Pour de plus amples
informations à propos du Beast of the East, de Montreal Roller Derby
ou du roller derby en général, nous vous invitons à visiter le
http://www.mtlrollerderby. com. N’oubliez surtout pas
de venir faire un tour à une des légendaires célébrations post-match
de MTLRD en vous présentant au Bar le Syndrome au 5777 Boulevard
Saint-Laurent. Au plaisir de vous voir sur la piste !


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j’aime le roller derby en francais,’sti!

Posted by georgiawtush on February 13, 2008

Ok, I may not have mastered the French language as of yet, however there are many players in my league that are perfectly bilingual in both French and English. I think we’re the only league in North America that has bilingual bouts, and the first league in the world to do it (new era)! So in the spirit of international derby, here is an old article about Montreal Roller Derby in French, and not just any French, but the Quebec kind.

Read at your own risk!

Georgia W Tush

LA PRESSE: Le roller derby: freak show ou sport extrême?
Category: Sports

Le roller derby: freak show ou sport extrême?
Le roller derby est de retour à Montréal. Des filles, de l’action, du jeu rude. À voir absolument! (Photo André Pichette, La Presse)
Agrandir l’image

Le roller derby est de retour à Montréal. Des filles, de l’action, du jeu rude. À voir absolument!
Photo André Pichette, La Presse

Jean-Christophe Laurence

Vous pensez que le hockey est rude? C’est que vous n’avez jamais assisté à un tournoi de roller derby. Très hot dans les années 60 et 70, ce sport-contact en patins à roulettes est en train de revenir en force.

Depuis quelques années, des dizaines de ligues féminines ont explosé dans les milieux underground aux États-Unis. La bonne nouvelle, c’est qu’après Los Angeles, New York ou Dallas, Montréal vient d’emboîter le pas.

«J’étais tannée d’attendre que quelqu’un lance le truc ici. Alors j’ai pris les devants, raconte la fondatrice Alyssa Kwasny. C’était il y a plus d’un an. J’ai placé des petites annonces sur le Web. Treize filles sont venues à la première rencontre. Certaines ne savaient même pas dans quoi elles s’embarquaient. Elles pensaient seulement que ça avait l’air cool!»

Avis aux intéressé(e)s : le deuxième match de la saison aura lieu demain soir à l’aréna Saint-Louis, dans le Mile End. Le tout se fera dans une ambiance punk, digne des meilleurs manifestations «do it yourself» (faites-le vous-mêmes). Entre freak show et sport extrême, la soirée sera animée par deux lutteurs mexicains en « hot pants» et l’ineffable Plastik Patrik, travesti bien connu du nightlife montréalais

«Avant, le roller derby était un gros truc professionnel, souligne Alyssa. Aujourd’hui, nous sommes plus dans l’esprit associatif, alternatif. Ce qui explique ce côté marginal. Cela dit, on ne veut pas seulement s’adresser aux amateurs de punk. Il y a toutes sortes de filles dans notre ligue. Des étudiantes, des infirmières, des profs, des filles avec des enfants. Alors nous visons toutes sortes de publics.»

D’accord. Mais qu’est-ce qui peut bien pousser ces filles à se crêper le chignon en patins à roulettes ?

Le roller derby a beau être un show, c’est aussi un sport dangereux, propice aux gros bleus et aux commotions cérébrales. Qui plus est, chacune doit payer une mensualité pour être membre de cette coop roulante.

«Il y a un paquet de raisons, répond Alyssa. Personnellement, j’aime bien ce côté inclusif. Il faut avoir de la technique, mais on n’a pas besoin d’être super en forme. Ni de mesurer six pieds. Pour certaines, c’est aussi une façon différente de faire de l’exercice. Pour d’autres, c’est carrément un exutoire. Ça permet de laisser sortir le méchant !»

La Montreal Roller Derby League compte actuellement une quarantaine de joueuses divisées en trois équipes : les Contrabadidas, les Filles du Roy et la Racaille. Mais les portes sont ouvertes pour de nouvelles inscriptions. Après la saison, qui se termine fin juin, plusieurs iront panser leurs plaies ou passeront à autre chose. D’où l’importance de renouveler le «roster».

Montréal peut-il faire vivre une ligue de roller derby ? Pour l’instant, c’est bien parti, note Alyssa. Malgré son côté marginal, le circuit a déjà attiré l’attention des médias anglophones, de RDS et de l’émisison Infoman.

Quant au public, il semble au rendez-vous. Contre toute attente, l’aréna Saint-Louis était plein lors du premier match de la saison, il y a deux semaines. La plupart des spectateurs étaient dans les gradins, bien à l’abri. Mais sachez-le : pour un 2 $ supplémentaire, on a le droit de s’asseoir au bord de la piste, aux premières loges pour recevoir un patin (à quatre roues, précisons) en pleine gueule.

On appelle ça les «billets suicides».

Les règles du jeu

Le roller derby revient à Montréal. Rudesse, coups parfois vicieux et vitesse sont à l’honneur. (Photo André Pichette, La Presse)
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Le roller derby revient à Montréal. Rudesse, coups parfois vicieux et vitesse sont à l’honneur.
Photo André Pichette, La Presse

Grosso modo, le roller derby fonctionne comme suit : deux équipes de cinq «rolleuses» tournent autour d’un anneau.

L’important n’est pas d’aller vite, mais de marquer des points.

Chaque équipe compte une attaquante, dont la mission est de franchir le mur de «bloqueuses» qui se dresse devant elle et ce, pendant des rounds de deux minutes.

Chaque «passage» compte pour un point. Les bloqueuses ne doivent pas seulement nuire à l’adversaire, mais aussi faciliter le travail de leur attaquante.

Tous les coups sont officieusement permis et les règles sont transgressées avec plaisir. Comme à la lutte, les arbitres se font un devoir de fermer les yeux.

Un peu d’histoire

Le roller derby ne date pas d’hier. Cet ancêtre du sport extrême a été créé en 1935, au plus creux de la grande dépression, par un promoteur nommé Leo Seltzer.

Dans les années 50, le phénomène explose, avec ses ligues organisées, ses diffusions à la télé, ses joueurs vedettes et ses équipes-cultes comme les New York Chiefs et San Francisco Bay Bombers. Sa popularité culmine à la fin des sixties et atteint même Hollywood, qui produit deux ou trois films sur le sujet -dont Kansas City Bomber avec Raquel Welch, et Rollerball, relecture futuriste mettant en vedette James Caan.

>> À voir sur YouTube : extraits deTony Roman, des Bay Bombers de San Francisco, un des plus célèbres «rolleurs» de l’histoire. Rien à voir avec le chanteur québécois Tony Roman.

Ligue de roller derby de Montréal: samedi 19h30 à l’arena Saint-Louis, 5633, rue Saint-Dominique. Entrée 12$

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