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Blitz Dames Victory in Battle with Stuttgart

Posted by Fury on November 28, 2008


Making roller sports history again, the Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames hosted the Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz in the first ever pan-European bout held in the UK.  The bout was an heart-pounding, ever-changing competition that many Midlands fans said was the most exciting derby match they’d ever seen. 

The teams consisted of abbreviated 12 player rosters, although Birmingham’s jammer Roisin Roulette soon had to remove herself from the competition due to illness, resulting in a team of 11 for most of the bout.  Birmingham was also skating without two of their most experienced players, having lost Bee Sting to an injury and Sleazy Rider rider to work obligations (something has to keep us in skates!).  But, the Dames were bolstered by the presence of Helen Fury – who cancelled a holiday to fill in at very short notice, jammer Tear E. Hatchet – just back from injury herself, and the debut of blocker Victoria Cross.   Stuttgart Valley Rollergirls showed their own dedication to the derby grail even before the bout began, having persevered through a series of travel nightmares that extended their trip to Birmingham by 10 hours!

First Period

Scoring was close for the first few jams as the teams evaluated each other.  SVRG’s Blitzkrieg Baby grabbed the first lead jammer status of the evening, but no points were scored in that jam.   Early on Stuttgart showed their ease with body checks and general derby physicality, whilst the Dames started with a strong defensive strategy.  Differences of opinion over WFTDA guidelines and the still-young 3.1 ruleset emerged early, and sometimes re-appeared throughout the bout, but Justine Credible fulfilled her first bout as head ref with grace and authority, calling official time outs as needed.  

By the second jam, Birmingham was creating chaos as jammer Violet Attack earned the lead jammer moniker and called off the jam just as SVRG’s jammer Dolly BustHer reached the pack, Birmingham’s more experienced blockers also showed their offensive side by creating chaos with hard checks.   Stuttgart’s Miss Tsunami roared into the third jam to score 4 points to Blitzdame’s 0 and by the end of jam four the score was nearly tied, at Birmingham 6, SVRG 5. 

In the fourth jam Roisin Roulette jammed her first and only run, despite her condition.  With the help of the Dames’s blockers to clear a path, she gained two points as Polly Purgatory scored zero. Fortune appeared to turn as SVRG’s Public Enemy initially grabbed lead jammer status and two points the next jam, but was soon trapped by blockers Kiki Kasplat (who executed one near-horizontal block)and pivot Elle Fire as Union Jack jammed for four points and called off the jam.  Jam 5 was an immediate reversal as the Dames’ Tear E. Hatchet gained lead jammer, but the SVRG got the point spoils, at 4 to Dames 0.  This success came at a price, and Stuttgart started jam 8 with a full penalty box.  As the jam whistle blew, SVRG had one extra skater on the track, providing some confounding moments until the ref crew sorted the situation.  The UK’s youngest rollergirl, Birmingham’s Gun Bunny, came out blazing to the lead jammer status in her first jam of the game despite a recent roller derby hiatus.  In this close race, both teams garnered another three points.

It wasn’t all smooth bearings for Gun, however, as in Jam 16 she was the target of a full-body take-down hit from Miss Tsunami that threw both players far out of bounds, after the jam had been called off!  Fortunately the medical staff checked her over and she was soon bout-fit again, and Tsunami was sent off to the penalty box after an official time-out.  The Dames came back for jam 17 in energetic fashion as Tear E. scored lead jammer and four points, whilst SVRG’s Public Enemy failed to score.

Throughout the first period, and indeed the entire game, Blitzdames’ Hilda Blizzhard and Stuttgart’s Dolly BustHer showed impressive versatility in a variety of roles, from jamming to quick pack blocking strategy.  Pack performance was also demonstrated by Saintly Sin of Birmingham, who showed tactical agility in defensive and active blocking roles.  The Blitzdames had a more unified strategy than SVRG throughout the first period, allowing them to achieve a 19 point lead by the end of the first half, at a score of 49-30.

Second Period
The Birmingham Dames were beginning to feel the strain of being a jammer down, and SVRG increased their focus to gain momentum in the second half.  However, Birmingham’s line up managers, Von Bitch and Jack Attack from the London Rockin Rollers, rallied to reorganise the team through the entire second period.   These honorary BlitzDames for the evening showed precision in their ability to rotate tired skaters and match skater skills to track needs.  Newer Blitzdames skaters Diamondback Belle and Victoria Cross also volunteered for increased track time, both blocking actively and keeping the pack pace.

The first jam started off well for SVRG, with 3 points to Blitzdames’ 1.  The next jam saw the Dames change focus to holding Stuttgart’s jammer in the pack, keeping them from scoring at all whilst Violet Attack fought her way through to still gain 4 points.  SVRG’s Miss Tsunami demonstrated quick thinking and quick footwork to slip past blockers in jam 3 as the Dames were clearing a path for their own jammer.  Tsunami then scored 6 points, and called the jam off just in time to allow the Dames only one point.  The fourth jam was marked by confusion as Polly Purgatory unsuccessfully attempted to call the jam off despite no lead jammer.   During this jam Blitzkrieg Baby showed renewed determination as took down Violet Attack. By the end of this jam Stuttgart had lessened the divide to only 9 points, at 56-47. 

In jam 5, Stuttgart got lead jammer but Blitzdames’ Tear E. outscored her, with four points to Public Enemy’s three. Then, in jam 6, the Dame’s pivot, blocker 2 and blocker 3 ran a combination at the front of the pack to envelope Blitzkrieg Baby within the pack whilst Gun Bunny scored a fantastic eight points and called the jam, with Stuttgart’s jammer only managing to gain four points. This again increased the Dames margin, and was followed up with an another six Birmingham points to SVRG’s three in Jam 7 with Violet Attack facing Public Enemy, for an overall score of 74-57 in the Dames’ favour.

In the next jam SVRG’s jammer Polly Purgatory was met a solid defensive wall at the front from Birmingham blocker Helen Fury and
Union Jack-U-Up after her first pass. Polly stepped inside the track to pass the wall and this time was promptly sent off to the box for the major penalty of cutting the track. However, SVRG rallied and blocked effectively to prevent the Dames’ jammer capitalising on having the being the only jammer on the track.

In jam nine there was no lead jammer and Birmingham’s pivot was sent to the penalty box. During the long two minute jam the Dames scored zero while veteran Birmingham skaters flew to the front of the pack in a display of impromptu leadership to hold SVRG’s jammer Miss Tsunami after she scored one point.  Miss Tsunami then fouled, resulting in a visit the the penalty box before the full two minute jam finished.

In jam 10 The SVRG’s jammer, Blitzkrieg Baby showed impressive stamina. Helen Fury first took Blitzkrieg out, but didn’t know when to stop and had to spend some quality time in the penalty box for blocking out of bounds.  Union Jack U-Up continued the punishment by delivering a stunning block to take out Blitzkrieg Baby again, legally this time. However, Blitzkrieg still managed to gain nine points during the long two minute jam.  With Birmingham ganering only three points this jam, the gap was again closing.  Blitzkrieg amazingly stepped back on the track as a blocker for the next jam, but soon left for a tripping penalty.  During that jam SVRG’s Public Enemy scored 2 points and strategically called off the jam before Birmingham’s jammer hit the pack.

SVRG again made a strong showing in jam 12 as Polly Purgatory took lead jammer status and scored four points to Birmingham’s zero.  This made the score the closest since the beginning of the game, at 77-73.  By jam 13 both teams were showing signs of fatigue.  SVRG’s jammer lost focus and had to go to the penalty box soon after getting lead jammer status.  Birmingham’s jammer was noticeably coasting more, and missed inside holes as she skated behind a two-blocker SVRG wall at the front of the pack, whilst a second Dame missed her pivot’s cues to stay back so that the SVRG skaters would hit 20 feet and have to let the jammer go.  Several fans in the stands expressed their frustration as neither team scored during the two minutes.

bob2By jam 14 both teams pulled out their ‘dream team’ line-ups, and the Dames again managed to widen the gap just a fraction, by scoring 4 points to Stuttgart’s 2.  With the score at 81 -75 and very little time left on the clock, jam 15 also required veteran-heavy skater presence on the track.   Birmingham jammer Violet Attack came out again against Blitzkrieg Baby.  Knowing that if the scores remained the same it would be a Birmingham victory, Violet Attack got in front of her opposing jammer and did some amazing positional blocking preventing the Stuttgart jammer from scoring at all.  Neither jammer passed through the startled pack a second time. Some of the crowd were bewildered, with Violet Attack receiving boos from the Stuttgart supporters but cheers from those supporting Birmingham. This was a fine demonstration of tactical thinking, positional blocking and the power of a properly deployed backside winning it for Birmingham (and England!), final score Blitzdames 81-75. 






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BBDD vs LRG – More Capital Punishment

Posted by Fury on October 29, 2008

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LRG v BBDD Capital Punishment averted!

Posted by hooligal on October 27, 2008

The Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames travel team Brummie Bombshells (with Glasgow guest skaters) hosted the London Rollergirls London Brawling on Saturday in a bout between the two oldest leagues in the UK. Many a derby girl and fan alike came out to watch the BBDD try to dish out some capital punishment on the London ladies. Alas the Dames gave it all they had but the LRG came out on top with an astounding 274-23 victory.

Kitty DeCapitate and Sky Rockit scored massive 20 & 22 points jams respectively, breaking UK but  not quite enough to break world records (25 points in one jam).

Check out video highlights from Baron Von Strange

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London in Stuttgart Part II

Posted by hooligal on October 21, 2008

Now its time for the video section of our internationally mixed game of Germany’s Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz vs England’s London Rockin Rollers.

You can catch the better quality version of this video here, and the whole article here.

Final Score: London Rockin Rollers 81 – 76 Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz

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London in Stuttgart Newspaper

Posted by hooligal on October 17, 2008

English meets German, you can get more international then press coverage in another language. Written in german, featuring a photo of Mogatron, Whip It, and Jack Attack from my league the London Rockin Rollers, covers the game between us and the hosting league, the Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz.

And FYI, MTV is their sports association, not the american music station. 😉

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Fabulous Glasgvegas Bootcamp!

Posted by hooligal on September 24, 2008

American skating legends and owners of Sin City Skates are flying their way into the city of Glasgvegas…I mean, Glasgow, Scotland for a special weekend bootcamp! Be sure to catch all your favourite UK rollergirls at this one, with training sessions and mixed scrimamges, and of course a wee bit of scottish whiskey (ok maybe thats just me?). Head on over to to get info or tickets!

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First Intraleague in Scotland – Molls vs Dolls

Posted by hooligal on September 24, 2008

“Pulp Friction” saw the Dolls take on the Molls in Glasgow Rollergirls’ first ever Intra-league bout. The line-ups included guest-stars from our friends the London Rollergirls and with both teams evenly matched, it promised to be an electrifying game.

There was bad luck in store for the Molls, however, when an injury just days before the bout meant they were without their star jammer Maddy Hackit, but they weren’t going to give up without a fight! Both teams were determined to give the crowd a bout to remember, and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

Marla Mayhem for the Dolls (in red) and Jaci Dodger for the Molls (in black) got things underway in the first jam. Marla was first to speed out of the pack, gaining lead jammer status and scoring an impressive 9 points to Dodger’s 0. Jam 2 saw Missyle Elliot (Molls) line up against Sister Grimm (Dolls), but with no lead jammer the jam ran to the full 2 minutes with no points for either team. Betty Go Go gained lead jammer status for the Molls in jam 3 with Mistress Malicious hot on her heels, but neither jammer managed to score any points on their second pass through the pack and Betty called off the jam. In jam 4 Marla Mayhem and Jaci Dodger lined up against each other once again. Although Marla gained lead jammer status, Dodger got the upper hand this time. She got the Molls’ first points of the game, scoring 5 points to Marla’s 3. Missylle Elliot’s 5-0 jam over Sister Grimm in the 5th meant the Dolls’ early lead narrowed to 12-10. Another scoreless jam for both teams followed before disaster struck for the Molls in jam 7. A heavy hit from the Dolls’ defences sent Jaci Dodger crashing to the floor, landing awkwardly on her back. Meanwhile, lead jammer (and birthday girl) Venus Velocity easily picked up another 7 points for the Dolls, helping them increase their lead to 19-10. Amazingly Dodger managed to finish the jam despite being in obvious pain, but her injury proved severe enough for her to have to sit out the rest of the game.

In the next few jams the Molls hit their stride, gaining lead jammer status four out of six times. The red jammers were consistently blocked by walls of black until the Molls took the lead for the first time in jam 12 thanks to Fox Sake’s 5-0 jam against Marla Mayhem. Jams 8 to 13 saw a total of 23 points scored for the Molls (Missyle Elliot [8], Armalite Angie [2], Mouchete [5], Fox Sake [5], Troublegum [3]) against 10 for the Dolls (Marla Mayhem [4], Sister Grimm [1], Mistress Malicious [5]), bringing the score line to 29-33 to the Molls. Jam 14 was scoreless, leaving Venus Velocity and Mouchete to battle it out in the 15th and final jam of the first period. Both jammers were sent to the penalty box and so the jam, and the first period, ended at 29-33 to the Molls.

In the first jam of the second period, the Molls extended their lead with Fox Sake scoring 9 points to Venus Velocity’s 0, equalling Marla Mayhem’s high score in jam 1 of the first period. By jam 3 the scores were tied at 42-42 thanks to Mistress Malicious and Marla Mayhem pulling back 4 points and 9 points respectively for the Dolls. The lead changed hands again when the Molls scored 8 points in jams 4 and 5. Mistress Malicious managed to pull back 3 points against Molls’ Team Captain Viper Den in jam 6, but the Dolls’ score remained stuck at 45 as they started to rack up the penalties over the next 3 jams. While the Dolls lolled in the penalty box, the Molls took the lead again, ending jam 11 with a score of 49-61 in their favour. But with the end of the second period fast approaching, the Dolls weren’t ready to give up. They dominated the next three jams with Nuke Leah [5], Sister Grimm [2] and Marla Mayhem [5] all tearing through the pack to even up the scores at 61-61. With only a few seconds left on the clock, the 15th and final jam began with Venus Velocity and Viper Den on the jammer line. With no lead jammer called, the battle was on…but the clock reached zero before either girl could score the elusive winning point. How’s that for a nail-biting finish? A quick discussion between Captains and Officials followed and it was decided not to have an overtime jam, everyone was a winner.

Final score: DOLLS 61 – 61 MOLLS

After the celebrations, Pulp Friction came to a close with the post-bout awards. Mistress Malicious was awarded Penalty Goddess for the Dolls. And also for the Dolls, Silky Briefs and N-emma-si5 got the honour of Double Trouble. Mouchete picked up the Penalty Goddess award for the Molls and Whiskey Galore was named their Best Blocker. Viper Den was awarded MVP and Best Skate-Out Outfit for the Molls, and Maddy Hackit picked up the prize for Best Outfit.

Glasgow Rollergirls would like to thank all the event crew and Edinburgh’s Auld Reekie Rollergirls for making Pulp Friction run like clockwork. Very special thanks go out to the LRG girls and refs who travelled all the way across the border to skate with us – we love you!! And finally, the biggest thanks of all to our fans who came out to cheer us on – see you all next time!

Whiskey “Scoop” Galore – GRG

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Everyone Loves Videos!

Posted by hooligal on September 10, 2008

So I’ve been doing my usual ‘lets browse youtube for kick ass derby clips’ and though I’d share some International vids with you all.

First a fairly old (late 2007) video on 20/20 with the Pirate City Rollergirls. Now I love the PCR mostly because I love pirates, but also because even here they totally kick ass, I can’t imagine how good they are a year later!

Next I have a little video of my own league, also from last year, playing the Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz, who we’re back to play in just a couple weeks (eek!). This video is unique because I think we may be the only leagues outside america who play TXRD-ish penalty games, the bout was also played in a nightclub on possibly the most dangerous track in the world. Very rock and roll.

The Hour did a great piece last year on the Toronto Roller Derby ladies championship bout (Gore Gore Rollergirls vs Chicks Ahoy), not only do I love this video, but those same two leagues are about to face each other AGAIN for this years championship!

And last but not least, I have a video from our fellow London league the London Rollergirls, of their last bout Summer Shovin. Not only do I love the music in this video, but the best intro ever is done by Raw Heidi (LOVE YA RAW). Just watch.

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We’re Back…kinda sorta

Posted by hooligal on September 5, 2008

Inter Derby is back, huzzah! I’m still in the process of setting up new bloggers and such, but we’re back for the sake of saying so.

That being said, I’m still looking for bloggers and contributors.

Gimmie an email interderby at if you want to write full time, or just would like to submit an event, bout recap, press release, news coverage, ANYTHING.

So what’s been going on while I was away?

Rollercon took place, the ultimate getaway and meet and greet for international rollergirls. Leagues from all over the world came and there is no longer a Team World vs USA, oh no, with all the leagues springing up everywhere there was actually enough attendees to do Team UK vs Team Australia or the Farkin’ ‘Elles vs Cor Blimeys as they named themselves, with Team UK coming out on top 43-28!

Team UK and Australia

Team UK and Australia

Canada fielded two teams, East vs West, with East skating their way to victory.

Team East (Blue) vs West (Red)

Team East (Blue) vs West (Red)

London Rollergirls are hosting the first European tournament July 18-19th 2009. Open to all European teams, but all roller fans are welcome to come watch and/or help out! Stay tuned for details on that!

They also have their first intraleague bout with their BRAND NEW teams coming up Sept 27th. It’s gonna be the Ultraviolent Femmes giving some lashes to the fearless SuffraJets for the first one. The other team, yet to debut, is the Steam Rollers!

And my own team London Rockin Rollers are set for another border crossing adventure to take on the Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz in Stuttgart, Germany, also on Sept 27th. A year after our first game and defeat, we are back in a bout aptly named Time For Revenge!

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Friday the HURTeenth! Blitz Dames vs Team Canada!

Posted by Fury on June 9, 2008

birmingham blitz derby dames

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