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Events Dec 06th!

Posted by hooligal on December 1, 2008

Two bouts on opposite sides of the world on Dec. 6th.

Here in England, the Steam Rollers make their inter-league debut against previous bout winners the SuffraJets.
And roller derby will hit Geelong australia, VRDL style! The Victoria Roller Derby League will be holding an expo bout in cahoots with Geelong Roller Derby.


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VRDL: Queen of the Slammed

Posted by hooligal on November 3, 2008

This weekend the Dead Ringer Rosies take on the Toxic Avengers!

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We’re Back…kinda sorta

Posted by hooligal on September 5, 2008

Inter Derby is back, huzzah! I’m still in the process of setting up new bloggers and such, but we’re back for the sake of saying so.

That being said, I’m still looking for bloggers and contributors.

Gimmie an email interderby at if you want to write full time, or just would like to submit an event, bout recap, press release, news coverage, ANYTHING.

So what’s been going on while I was away?

Rollercon took place, the ultimate getaway and meet and greet for international rollergirls. Leagues from all over the world came and there is no longer a Team World vs USA, oh no, with all the leagues springing up everywhere there was actually enough attendees to do Team UK vs Team Australia or the Farkin’ ‘Elles vs Cor Blimeys as they named themselves, with Team UK coming out on top 43-28!

Team UK and Australia

Team UK and Australia

Canada fielded two teams, East vs West, with East skating their way to victory.

Team East (Blue) vs West (Red)

Team East (Blue) vs West (Red)

London Rollergirls are hosting the first European tournament July 18-19th 2009. Open to all European teams, but all roller fans are welcome to come watch and/or help out! Stay tuned for details on that!

They also have their first intraleague bout with their BRAND NEW teams coming up Sept 27th. It’s gonna be the Ultraviolent Femmes giving some lashes to the fearless SuffraJets for the first one. The other team, yet to debut, is the Steam Rollers!

And my own team London Rockin Rollers are set for another border crossing adventure to take on the Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz in Stuttgart, Germany, also on Sept 27th. A year after our first game and defeat, we are back in a bout aptly named Time For Revenge!

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VRDL: Slam Jam Thank Ya Ma’am Viral Ad

Posted by toxicjudy on April 2, 2008

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Slam Jam Thank Ya Ma’am!!!

Posted by toxicjudy on March 14, 2008


Saturday, 19th April 2008 sees the first bout in a Triple Threat ‘Best of’ Series between the Toxic Avengers and Dead Ringer Rosies! 


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Update from Australia (at least southern Australia!)

Posted by toxicjudy on March 7, 2008

Greetings and salutations from Melbourne!

I’ve now been back on Australian shores for a fortnight having returned from my sojourn across SE Asia and I’ll tell you this much, the past two weeks have been a flurry of activity, whatwith catching up with what’s been going on in our league but in roller derby in general.  I will report that I did not stumble across any fledging leagues in Singapore. Not that I was looking… hard. 

Anyway, I’ve been slack with keeping you up to date with Australian roller derby so enough chitchat, let’s get started…

I might tackle this chronologically and briefly.  Two weeks in derby can sometimes be a lifetime!

Disclaimer: I apologise if this news is Victorian heavy but I am a VRDLer through and through and haven’t had a chance to hook up a State rep to fill me in with their news yet.

February 16th saw the season opener bout for the Victorian Roller Derby League with the Dead Ringer Rosies vs. the Toxic Avengers at ‘Love Hurts’.  By all accounts – and trust me, I think I got recaps from nearly every bouting skater and official – it was a tightly contested bout with the Dead Ringer Rosies pulling away in the last 3/4 of the bout to defeat the Avengers 108 to 88.  The refs had their work cut out for them but not as much as the penalty ref! (Big thank you to Hot Lips from Sydney Roller Derby who posted the clip from our VRDL bout.)

The following weekend saw history being made with the inaugural Skate of Origin… Adelaide vs. Melbourne… state vs. state… you get the picture.

Skate of Origin 2008 VRDL Travel Team

With a crowd of 1000+ quickly filling the Jubilee Pavilion at the Adelaide Showgrounds, this bout was always going to be a fight to the finish. Jam after jam saw the lead change, skaters were digging in and hitting hard but with seconds left in the bout, VRDL snatched victory from ADRD’s hands, 86 to 83.

ADRD put on one spectacular show and we thank them for the opportunity and challenge!

Another special thank you goes out to the members of the Sun State Roller Girls for representing at the Skate of Origin! Seeing the Brisbane contingent was definitely one of my highlights from Adelaide… To think that a year ago, Brisbane was putting on their very first demo! (Evil Doll, you rock my world!)

On another note, I would just like to mention that it has now been just over a year since a group of strangers with skates decided to throw all caution to the wind and form the Victorian Roller Derby League. The past week has been full of reminiscing and good times and every day I am grateful that I am part of such a wonderful sport with such a wonderful community – locally, nationally and internationally.  *le sigh*

For a touch of housekeeping, our new website is up and running and you can find links to photos from the abovementioned bouts on the righthand menu. 

That’s all…

toxic judy xx

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Love Hurts Video

Posted by hooligal on March 1, 2008

Found a video from the aussies most recent bout:

Love Hurts Bout took Place on 16th of Feb at Puckhandlers Reservoir.

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Love Hurts

Posted by hooligal on February 7, 2008


Come and check out Roller Derby, Saturday Feb 16.

Tickets on the door (arrive early!) or through PayPal, links on or

see you trackside

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And in the other corner…

Posted by toxicjudy on January 27, 2008

Hi there, Toxic Judy from the Victorian Roller Derby League (Melbourne, VIC, Australia) signing in to introduce myself.

I’m here to keep you up to date with not only what’s going on in our neck of the woods but touching base with our sister leagues in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and all around Australia.

Unfortunately, I’m heading off to Cambodia tomorrow so I won’t be blogging for the next 4 weeks but when I return, look for our Valentine’s Day ‘Love Hurts’ bout recap to be held on Saturday, 16th February, as well as news from the forefront as the VRDL takes on the fine Adeladies at the Inaugural Skate of Origin on 23rd February (see previous post).

So until then, peace, love and bearings…

Toxic Judy, Victorian Roller Derby League

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Don’t call it a comeback…

Posted by toxicjudy on January 22, 2008

Adelaide Roller Derby vs. Victorian Roller Derby League 

On the 24th February 2008, history will be made with all-female roller derby making its way back onto the main stage in Australia!!! This is interstate rivalry at its finest with Adelaide Roller Derby hosting the Victorian Roller Derby League at the 2008 Skate of Origin. That’s right, we’re talking side-stepping, leg-whipping, hip and booty blocking, full contact quad skating action!!! Seating is limited so first in best dressed!!!

When: 3pm, Sunday 24th February 2008

Where: Royal Adelaide Showground Jubilee Pavillion, South Australia (entry via Rose Terrace Gate) 

How: For tickets, go to and click on ‘All Sporting Events’ in the left hand menu and scroll down to Roller Derby- Skate of Origin 2008

For more details, visit or

Stay tuned to this site for the bout recap!

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