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Butterscotch Cripple’s Endurance Drills


(Originally sent to a very new league that needed a starting point, so they aren’t very hard or grueling drills)


20 minute drill

(also called Black Widow.. who knows why?): Sprint for a minute, then do a skill for a minute, switching up different skills – so there should be 10 different skills alternating between10 one-minute intervals of sprinting.
Skills can include- Squats (on turns, on straightaways, the whole minute), running (aka little steps), big steps, one leg glides (on straightaways, on turns), skating backwards, two steps, scissors (on turns, on straightaways, the whole way), jumps, etc….
Make sure that about half way through it, you turn around and skate the other direction.

Pyramid sprints: count off everyone 1,2,1,2… 1’s start on the track and 2’s start off in the middle. Then have group 1 sprint for a lap, then go into the center of the rink, then 2’s sprint for a lap while 1’s are in the center. After the 2’s sprint a lap, 1’s go back out and do two laps… switch. Then three laps, switch, then 4 laps, switch… then 5 laps switch. Then you go back down to 4 laps and switch, 3 switch.. you get the idea.
(we make this drill harder by making the group in the middle do push ups, crunches, and squat thrusts.. so they keep moving even though they aren’t skating)

Pushes and pulls: Have them pair up and one girl pushes the other one around the track for 2 minutes. Then switch. The one girl pulls the other around the track for 2 minutes, then switch. Then two groups pair up… one girl pushes the other 3 for 2 laps, then the girl in front detaches from the train and let’s the other 3 pass her and then she pushes the group for 2 laps… everyone in the group does 2 laps, then they do pulls for 2 laps.

Suicides: everyone lines up at the far end of the court. Divide the length of the court up into sections about equal distance apart (we do 4 sections).. mark these sections off with cones, or tape, or whatever. The girls sprint to the first line, toe stop and sprint back to the point of origin (PO). Then turn around and skate to the 2nd line and T stop, then go back to the PO. Then turn around to the sprint to the 3rd line and plough stop.. then sprint back to the PO. 4th line they do some kind of fall and sprint back to the PO. (we have done this for an hour straight once, I would not recommend that right away… try doing it for 10 whole minutes… see how they hold up and increase the duration over time).



Have fun, hope these work out!


Head Coach

Long Island Roller Rebels

Butterscotch Cripple

A few drills LIRR does at Endurance practices:


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