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Footwork Drills

Footwork Drills – with and without blocking/jamming. These are compiled from various sources. I’ve done my best to give credit on how I came to know the drill. If I’ve left off credit and someone else knows where it came from, please share.


Basic – Grapevine

Side-stepping while crossing one foot in front of the other – side step crossing the left in front of the right and then side-stepping back with the right crossing over the left.

Crossover switches

Skate around the track crossover right and crossover left – all the way around the track

Agility with blockers/Jammers – (Deja Bruise)

Form 2 lines of skaters each at opposite sides of the track and located at the outside curves –one line will be a blocker line and one line will be the jammer line.

The skater from the jammer line starts out toward the track – as she is starting into the curve – the skater from the blocker line comes out and attempts to block her – the jammer can avoid, but the blocker does her best to hit – once they hit or miss the jammer than goes back to the end of her line and the blocker continues on around the curve – but as she is coming around the curve a new skater from the jammer line comes out and tries to block that blocker. Once that jammer hit or misses that blocker – that blocker goes to the end of her line and the jammer continues on and a new blocker tries to hit her and so on.

Rotate blockers and jammers twice – this is a hard drill to get going because it’s a little confusing but once it starts – and people are paying attention for when to go – it’s a great agility/jammer/blocker drill!

Agility with blockers/jammers starting at same time – (Teflon Donna)

Have two lines form in the middle of the track – one line blocker – one line jammers

The blockers line up at the pivot line and the jammers line up a little further back but not much.

At the whistle blow the two skaters start out at the same time – the skaters from the blocker line will have a somewhat of a head start on the jammer – the jammer will do her best to skate past the blocker and the blocker will do her best to hit the jammer – they should time their hit at a certain point in mid track on the opposite side – once they cross that point – the rejoin the lines – but the blocker goes to the jammer line and the jammer to the blocker line in order to perform both functions.


The side-step progressive (Mayhemily)

Skaters side-step across a wide area slowly – turn around come back.
Next level – skates side-step hop across and back

Challenge level – while a skater is side stepping or side hopping –
another skater faces her – places her hand on the side-stepping
skaters’ hip – and as the skater side-step – she moves the skaters
across – it makes it more challenging as the side-steping skater is
now “pushing” the skater as she sidesteps.Juking – Fake out – Psyche out (Mayhemily)

Get skaters in groups of 4 – making walls for lateral movement

One skater will face three skaters in a line. The three skaters will work together with their side steps to block the facing skater from getting past. Facing skater will do her best to sneak by the three skaters. If the facing skater can get by three skaters facing her – she will have no problem getting by three skaters skating in front of her. She can do anything to psyche out the facing skaters. All will do a couple of times. After that – one skater rotates to the right to face a different group of skaters. Progression to this drill – add another skater to the line so that 3 become 4 skaters to get by.

Agility – work on a fast cut or hop around a blocker – (D. Nation)

Put 6 or so injured skaters, refs, or whoever on the track (these
people are stationary).  Everyone lines up and skates directly towards
the first person – who at the last minute will point at which
direction they should go to get around the stationary pointer (then
they go to the next stationary pointer, and your next skater starts).

This can be made more difficult by having your pointers point later,
putting them on the turns, putting them closer together, etc.

Crossovers to the outside

Should also work on crossovers to the outside – starting with cones,
then start timing people (I think everyone pushes harder when they’ve
got a personal best to beat), then move ’em closer together, then put
some sort of obstacle at the end so they have to switch direction more
quickly (see below – can do this on the track and make them go back in
the other direction before they get to the track boundary), then have
’em do it into a partner in a blocking drill.

o                 0
          o      0
o                 0

Fake-out –   Midlife Crashes, Omaha Rollergirls

Split everyone into pairs (I recommend pairing up based on skill/speed level) and one skater tries to keep the other from getting around her.  It teaches the front blocker to use her peripheral vision and respond to (better yet, anticipate) the movements of the skater trying to pass.  When I’m the skater in back, I practice my quick lateral movements–I call them “fake outs” where I’m trying to use as much body language as I can to draw my blocker out & away from the inside line, and then dart in quickly to get around her.

It’s a very basic drill, but I think it has helped me make faster decisions/reactions both as a jammer and a blocker.  Plus it’s good for endurance, because you have a goal with rewards (“Yay! I got around you.”) and that always makes “skating in a circle” much more fun for me.
Various from Suzi Uzi, Red Dirt Rebellion Rollergirls, Oklahoma City

Obstacle Course: put objects such as cones, balls, anything on the track that people have to weave around. practice sprinting while avoiding these objects.


We also scrimmage with different numbers of people on the track. we’ll do a scrimmage with 4 blockers vs. 1 jammer and this helps the blockers to communicate with each other while the jammer is on her own to find a hole and burst through. the blockers are all on the same team so they do not have anyone there to distract them. and we switch it up with maybe 3 vs. 2 (3 blockers, 1 jammer and 1 assisting the jammer in the pack).




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