Inter Derby

World Wide Derby Domination

Glasgow Roller Girls




Location: Glasgow , Scotland


Running since: Aprl 2007


Number of members: 18

Interview completed by: Mistress Malicious


 Ok, to start off with, how did you first hear about roller derby?


Initially it was an article in a magazine that caught my attention but really it was when some friends in London joined the London Rockin Rollers that I started to get seriously interested.

Then Teri Toxic posted a bulletin on MySpace asking who wanted to start a league in Glasgow and the GRG started forming from there.



It must be tough starting your own league in such a remote location, with no firmly established leagues nearby. What roadblocks did you face?


None of our initial members had any real skating experience never mind roller derby experience; we just had loads of enthusiasm. We didn’t know anything about what skates to buy or how to maintain them, how to skate, how to stop, how to fall or even how to train properly.

A lot of time was spent on the internet finding out information and I remember literally reading out instructions from pieces of paper whilst everyone tried it out, and whoever thought they had got it first then showed everyone else. It was a big learning curve.


However, the established UK leagues, LRG, LRR and BBDD, were all very helpful and provided information and tips and even training videos.


The biggest roadblock was finding somewhere that will let us skate. Glasgow Council had a blanket no skating policy in its facilities and it took us 3 months to find a non-council venue that would let us train in it. One member, Viper Den, kept on badgering the Council sending letter after letter and finally succeeding in obtaining a trial period, which we passed, and as such are now able to use the Council run halls.



You recently had your first interleague scrimmage with the London Roller Girls. How did that go?


It was excellent; we learned a hell of a lot. After training on our own for 7 months it was great to skate with another league. We discovered that although we still had quite a bit to go we were definitely heading in the right direction. Having someone with a lot of experience like Bette Noir, answering our questions and explaining everything face to face, like strategies, was really helpful. I noticed a boost in confidence and ability in a lot of our girls after their visit. We were really pleased that they had made the effort to come all the way up to Glasgow .



Any injuries yet?


None myself, but we have had quite a few bruised coccyx, and badly damaged ankle which is still causing problems.




So when can we see you in your first bit of public action?

Soon, we have our first bout lined up against LRG, shortly followed by our second against BBDD.


You can see the Glasgow Rollergirls vs the London Rollergirls in at the Tottenham Green Leisure Center Sat. March 29th, in London, England. See our events section for more details. 





 Glasgow Skater Spotlight












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