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Spring Equi-KNOCKS review

Posted by hooligal on April 2, 2009

rockin-rollers-poster2smallMarch 21st saw the London Rockin Rollers, after FINALLY securing a venue in London, play their first home game against Glasgow Rollergirls Irn Bruisers. Much hard work went into making the bout a night to remember, with lights, a halftime surfcore band Jimmy and the Destroyers, rolling merch girls, kickin DJ Chris Setzer and of course…ROLLER DERBY!

The crowd came out en masse, we sold out to capacity and had to turn people away at the door. The venue was alive and buzzing and after pouring some coke on our slippy wood floor, we were ready to play!

Both teams had not played each other, and had not seen each other play in a very long time. We both went in blind to the other teams strengths and weaknesses, and both teams were certain they would win (arn’t they always?!).

Glasgow turned out to be a highly defensive team of hard hitters, while our jammers are fast and wiley, the hits of their blockers were a shock to the system early in the game. It seemed to be a battle of defence vs offence, and our

Jammers neck and neck (photo by Spida-X)

Jammers neck and neck (photo by Spida-X)

girls quickly learned to distract the glasgow blockers as our jammer came through. Unfourtuetly for us, their jammer tended to follow ours through the pack!

Glasgow secured an early lead, staying at least 10 points ahead for most of the game. It was tough and bodies were flying. A scary moment in the first period when Switchblade Sarah went down on her face and didn’t get up.

Medics rushed on as the jam was called off, and we were all frightened for her. But she got up soon to the roar of the worried crowd, and after a good rest, went on to play a fantastic game!

Halftime came for a much needed break and as the band came on the score was GRG 60 LRR 46.


Glasgow Jammer Goes Down (Photo by Spida-X)

Second half brought the LRR back with new vengence and determination to win the game. First jams saw us close the gap to 62 to 56 and keep the points close for many jams to follow. But GRG were determined to hold onto their advantage, and went on to win the game 106 to 83.

Like most derby matches, the best part was the lovely girls of the visiting team who were overjoyed with the medals and gift bags, and glad to have had such a great time and a great crowd. No grudges held, we all went to the after party for a much needed drink and to compare bruises. A great day for all!

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Spring Equi-KNOCKS – LRR vs GRG

Posted by hooligal on February 17, 2009

London Rockin Rollers are proud to present their first home bout in London against Glasgow Roller Girls’ Irn Bruisers!


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First Intraleague in Scotland – Molls vs Dolls

Posted by hooligal on September 24, 2008

“Pulp Friction” saw the Dolls take on the Molls in Glasgow Rollergirls’ first ever Intra-league bout. The line-ups included guest-stars from our friends the London Rollergirls and with both teams evenly matched, it promised to be an electrifying game.

There was bad luck in store for the Molls, however, when an injury just days before the bout meant they were without their star jammer Maddy Hackit, but they weren’t going to give up without a fight! Both teams were determined to give the crowd a bout to remember, and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

Marla Mayhem for the Dolls (in red) and Jaci Dodger for the Molls (in black) got things underway in the first jam. Marla was first to speed out of the pack, gaining lead jammer status and scoring an impressive 9 points to Dodger’s 0. Jam 2 saw Missyle Elliot (Molls) line up against Sister Grimm (Dolls), but with no lead jammer the jam ran to the full 2 minutes with no points for either team. Betty Go Go gained lead jammer status for the Molls in jam 3 with Mistress Malicious hot on her heels, but neither jammer managed to score any points on their second pass through the pack and Betty called off the jam. In jam 4 Marla Mayhem and Jaci Dodger lined up against each other once again. Although Marla gained lead jammer status, Dodger got the upper hand this time. She got the Molls’ first points of the game, scoring 5 points to Marla’s 3. Missylle Elliot’s 5-0 jam over Sister Grimm in the 5th meant the Dolls’ early lead narrowed to 12-10. Another scoreless jam for both teams followed before disaster struck for the Molls in jam 7. A heavy hit from the Dolls’ defences sent Jaci Dodger crashing to the floor, landing awkwardly on her back. Meanwhile, lead jammer (and birthday girl) Venus Velocity easily picked up another 7 points for the Dolls, helping them increase their lead to 19-10. Amazingly Dodger managed to finish the jam despite being in obvious pain, but her injury proved severe enough for her to have to sit out the rest of the game.

In the next few jams the Molls hit their stride, gaining lead jammer status four out of six times. The red jammers were consistently blocked by walls of black until the Molls took the lead for the first time in jam 12 thanks to Fox Sake’s 5-0 jam against Marla Mayhem. Jams 8 to 13 saw a total of 23 points scored for the Molls (Missyle Elliot [8], Armalite Angie [2], Mouchete [5], Fox Sake [5], Troublegum [3]) against 10 for the Dolls (Marla Mayhem [4], Sister Grimm [1], Mistress Malicious [5]), bringing the score line to 29-33 to the Molls. Jam 14 was scoreless, leaving Venus Velocity and Mouchete to battle it out in the 15th and final jam of the first period. Both jammers were sent to the penalty box and so the jam, and the first period, ended at 29-33 to the Molls.

In the first jam of the second period, the Molls extended their lead with Fox Sake scoring 9 points to Venus Velocity’s 0, equalling Marla Mayhem’s high score in jam 1 of the first period. By jam 3 the scores were tied at 42-42 thanks to Mistress Malicious and Marla Mayhem pulling back 4 points and 9 points respectively for the Dolls. The lead changed hands again when the Molls scored 8 points in jams 4 and 5. Mistress Malicious managed to pull back 3 points against Molls’ Team Captain Viper Den in jam 6, but the Dolls’ score remained stuck at 45 as they started to rack up the penalties over the next 3 jams. While the Dolls lolled in the penalty box, the Molls took the lead again, ending jam 11 with a score of 49-61 in their favour. But with the end of the second period fast approaching, the Dolls weren’t ready to give up. They dominated the next three jams with Nuke Leah [5], Sister Grimm [2] and Marla Mayhem [5] all tearing through the pack to even up the scores at 61-61. With only a few seconds left on the clock, the 15th and final jam began with Venus Velocity and Viper Den on the jammer line. With no lead jammer called, the battle was on…but the clock reached zero before either girl could score the elusive winning point. How’s that for a nail-biting finish? A quick discussion between Captains and Officials followed and it was decided not to have an overtime jam, everyone was a winner.

Final score: DOLLS 61 – 61 MOLLS

After the celebrations, Pulp Friction came to a close with the post-bout awards. Mistress Malicious was awarded Penalty Goddess for the Dolls. And also for the Dolls, Silky Briefs and N-emma-si5 got the honour of Double Trouble. Mouchete picked up the Penalty Goddess award for the Molls and Whiskey Galore was named their Best Blocker. Viper Den was awarded MVP and Best Skate-Out Outfit for the Molls, and Maddy Hackit picked up the prize for Best Outfit.

Glasgow Rollergirls would like to thank all the event crew and Edinburgh’s Auld Reekie Rollergirls for making Pulp Friction run like clockwork. Very special thanks go out to the LRG girls and refs who travelled all the way across the border to skate with us – we love you!! And finally, the biggest thanks of all to our fans who came out to cheer us on – see you all next time!

Whiskey “Scoop” Galore – GRG

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LRG in the London Paper!

Posted by hooligal on March 29, 2008

Just before their bout with Glasgow Roller Girls, the London Roller Girls are featured in free rag: London Paper!

Click to enlarge

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