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London Brawling vs Irn Bruisers video interview

Posted by hooligal on April 24, 2008

Lesbilicious magazine caught some of the derby action in London England, and asked them some fun and silly questions:

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LRG in the London Paper!

Posted by hooligal on March 29, 2008

Just before their bout with Glasgow Roller Girls, the London Roller Girls are featured in free rag: London Paper!

Click to enlarge

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LRG’s New Years Retribution

Posted by hooligal on January 21, 2008

LRG Bout Flyer 

Team Pink were out for revenge on Team Black in the London Roller Girls second bout ever. I was in attendance with my London Rockin Roller team-mates for the first UK bout of the year to a sold out crowd in Tottenham. When we arrived we were pleased to see that people from Central City Roller Girls, Bedford Bandits, Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames, Lincolnshire Roller Derby, and even the L.A. Derby Dolls were all in attendance! Black vs Pink

Pink started off strong, taking a large lead early in the first period. I was delighted at how far the London Roller Girls had come since their last bout. This one was already more scrappy and fast, with girls being pummelled on every turn. Black tried hard to catch up, but luck was not on their side. In a lead jam by Black’s Missyle Elliott, she caught the loosened track rope on turn two with her skate. She went down, dragging the track with her, and forcing the refs to call off the jam to repair the track. To add injury to insult, Black player Ana Ki took a hard block, and crumpled to the ground. She laid on the track for a minute, then first aid rushed out to help her. She was later wheeled out on a stretcher to the cheers of the crowd support. The diagnosis: broken leg, in four places. Like a true roller warrior, she never uttered a groan or cry! Inter Derby wishes her a speedy recovery.

The second period saw Black back for vengeance. They we’re out for retribution for their injured team-mate, and were gaining lead jammer more and more. To make matters worse, Pink was racking up the penalties, almost getting more minors then points! Black clawed their way back to the top to take the lead by the end of the period.

Third period saw more action then the previous two periods combined (if that was even possible!) bodies we’re flying everywhere as both teams battled it out for the win. At some point two skaters flew into the crowd and didn’t stop at the first row, but went head over skates into the second row, knocking over beers and fans alike! I guess that’s why they call them suicide seats! The score was close, with each side gaining the win with each jam. Near the end saw Correctional Felicity jump right over two downed skaters, for the highlight of my night. Then Kitty DeCapitate came out to jam, scoring 12 points in a double grand slam! This gave pink the edge to take it all the way, winning the game 96-82.


Players who stuck out to me personally were Pink’s Captain Correctional Felicity, who jams like a freight train and blocks like a brick wall, her MVP award is well earned. Kitty DeCapitate, with amazing agility and speed, she won the Jammy Jammer award, and a Cute-as-Pie award in my books. Toughie N-Emma-Sis spent the most time in the sin bin, with 8 majors, everyone knows I love a penalty queen. And Poison Arrow is the newcomer to watch, with great determination, she jams with everything she’s got.

On Black, Captain Belle de Brawl is aptly named, she has amazing lateral ability and a solid booty block. Sky Rockit is one of the fastest out there, the star jammer of the team. I love an Essex girl, and Rose Hypnol was the most entertaining roller dame at the after party, I liked her immediately. And freshie Grievous Bodily Charm made a great first start, I would love to see her go toe to toe with Poison Arrow, it would be a close jam!

A wonderful way to start the new year, an entertaining game was played and a good time was had by all! Check out the London Roller Girls. You can also find pics from the bout in our gallery!

*Pictures stolen from various public forums, LRG website, FLICKR, etc, scoreboard shot from LRG myspace, taken by Mr. Slash. Teams shot taken from CCR blog. If you don’t want the free press of these pictures up on this blog, please contact me and I will gladly take them down 🙂

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