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VRDL: Slam Jam Thank Ya Ma’am Viral Ad

Posted by toxicjudy on April 2, 2008

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Canada’s Beast of the East

Posted by hooligal on March 29, 2008


Alyssa Kwasny
President, MTLRD

Montreal Roller Derby Unleashes the Beast of the East

Montreal, QC – Montreal Roller Derby (MTLRD) is excited to launch
their second season with the unleashing of the Beast of the East on
April 19th, 2008. The Beast of the East is a day long, single-
elimination tournament, and the first ever Eastern Canadian Roller
Derby tournament with 16 teams from Canada and the United States.This
tournament was created with hopes of strengthening the sport of
roller derby in the region, showcasing the skills of upcoming roller
derby talent, and to see whom will reign as the 2008 Beast of
the East.

MTLRD, a women’s amateur flat-track roller derby league, was
established in 2006 and has since grown to a league with over fifty
women, three teams, and one traveling team.MTLRD strives to promote
and foster the sport of roller derby, and help it evolve throughout
the current roller derby explosion of leagues all around the world. A
favourite in the local and national media, these ladies are ready to
start off their second season with a bang. Of course, being the DIY
and aggressive ladies that they are, the second season will be even
bigger and better, with faster skating, stronger whips, harder hits,
and bigger crashes.

MTLRD and the Montreal Underground Film Festival (MUFF) will kick of
the Beast with a screening of the film “Hell on Wheels” Friday, April
18th at Les Saints on 30 Rue Sainte Catherine Ouest, 10pm. Salt Lake
City Weekly raves that, “Hell on Wheels is a killer documentary about
the Austin all-women’s roller-derby leagues that inadvertently
launched a worldwide revival of the sport.” The film had its world
premier in 2007 at South by Southwest with the second largest
audience at the festival, and since has screened upwards of twenty
film festivals with packed audiences every time. MTLRD and MUFF are
thrilled to be presenting such an inspiring film to a new audience.

The Beast of the East roller derby action will go from 10 am to 10 pm
on Saturday April 19th at Arena St Louis, 5633 Rue Saint Dominique.
This will be the event of the season,a roller derby milestone, and
one heck of a good time. For more information about the
Beast of the East, Montreal Roller Derby, or the sport of roller
derby, please visit http://www.mtlrollerderby. com. Don’t forget to check out
one of MTLRD’s legendary after-parties
following the games Saturday night at Bar Syndrome, 5777 Boul. St
Laurent. See you onthe track!


Alyssa Kwasny
Présidente, MTLRD

Montreal Roller Derby présente The Beast of the East

Montréal, QC – La ligue de roller derby de Montréal (MTLRD) est
heureuse de lancer sa deuxième saison en déchaînant la « bête de
l’Est » le 19 avril 2008. The Beast of the East est un tournoi à
élimination simple d’une journée complète. C’est également le tout
premier tournoi de roller derby de l’est canadien comportant seize
équipes du Canada et des États-Unis. L’événement a été créé dans
l’espoir de renforcir ce sport dans la région, de présenter les
nouveaux talents du roller derby et de découvrir l’équipe qui régnera
en tant que « Bête de l’Est » en 2008.

MTLRD est une ligue amateure de roller derby féminin sur piste à
plat. Elle a été créée en 2006 et inclut désormais une cinquantaine
de femmes, trois équipes et une équipe de route. MTLRD vise à
promouvoir le roller derby et encourager son évolution au sein de la
prolification des nouvelles ligues à travers le monde. Très
appréciées des médias locaux et nationaux, ces demoiselles sont fin
prêtes pour leur deuxième saison. Avec ces femmes
aggressives à l’esprit DIY, on peut s’attendre à une meilleure
seconde saison, plus rapide,plus technique avec des coups plus forts
et des collisions encore plus percutantes que
l’année précédente.

MTLRD et le festival de films underground de Montréal (MUFF)
présenteront le film « Hell on Wheels » en introduction au tournoi et
ce, le vendredi 18 avril, 22h à la salle Les Saints
située au 30 Sainte-Catherine Ouest. Le journal Salt Lake City Weekly
affirme que « “Hell on Wheels” est un documentaire fantastique à
propos des ligues de roller derby féminin d’Austin qui ont par
inadvertance lancé une nouvelle vague internationale de roller
derby. » La première mondiale du film a eu lieu en 2007 au festival
South by Southwest devant le deuxième plus grand public de
l’événement. Depuis, il a été présenté devant des salles combles dans
plus de vingt festivals de films. MTLRD et MUFF sont très heureux de
présenter ce film inspirant à de nouveaux spectateurs.

Le tournoi The Beast of the East se tiendra de 10h à 22h le samedi 19
avril à l’aréna Saint-Louis au 5633 Saint-Dominique. Ce sera un
événement marquant pour la saison et le roller derby en général ainsi
qu’une occasion d’avoir beaucoup de plaisir. Pour de plus amples
informations à propos du Beast of the East, de Montreal Roller Derby
ou du roller derby en général, nous vous invitons à visiter le
http://www.mtlrollerderby. com. N’oubliez surtout pas
de venir faire un tour à une des légendaires célébrations post-match
de MTLRD en vous présentant au Bar le Syndrome au 5777 Boulevard
Saint-Laurent. Au plaisir de vous voir sur la piste !


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Training with the Tri-City Roller Girls

Posted by hooligal on March 4, 2008


I had the pleasure this weekend past, of being invited to the nearby city of Kitchner, Ontario, Canada (for those of you who don’t know, I’m in Canada right now) to have a skate and a laugh with the newly formed Tri-City Roller Girls. Skaters from all the nearby leagues came out: Hammer City Roller Girls, Gore Gore Girls from Toronto Roller Derby, and the Thames Fatales from London, Ontario.

TCRG is already off to an amazing start. Brand spankin’ new this year, they already have more then enough girls to start two teams, and an impressive audience just at their practices! They’ve also caught the attention of the local news media, who are following them from humble beginings, to their first bout. Already making a splash in the community at such a young age, this league surely will go far. And did I mention they can skate? In the short span of about four or five practices, some of these ladies have gone from holding the boards while shuffling along, to skating in their first non-contact scrimmage!

I arrived a bit early for practice, and was taken to Deathrow Beth’s home for their usual pre-practice league potluck breakfast, where I had the pleasure of trying a Grapple, which is a grape flavoured apple (google it). Highlight of my morning! LOL. We soon set off in a convoy to the arena where they practice, which was so nicely NOT heated in the midst of a Canadian winter. Ever seen girls skating in parkas and scarves? It’s quite a sight! Stepping onto their smooth polished concrete, I was in heaven. It was the best skating surface I’ve ever been on, slick and hard for speed, but so amazingly grippy I had to invent new ways of stopping. We started with the usual warm up, then split into groups lead by girls from the already established leagues such as Toronto and Hammer City. My group focused on teaching stopping, whist other groups worked on falls and other basic skills the TCRG are learning at this point.

We then split into ‘black’ shirts and ‘colored’ shirts for a scrimmage, starting with the experienced girls so we could show the new girls a scrimmage live and in person. Well, someone forgot to tell me the ‘no contact’ thing until after I took out the jammer. Oops!  Then the no contact thing served a real purpose as the TCRG girls stepped in to try their hand, shuffling and bumping in their very first scrimmage! It’s like watching a child ride a bike for the first time, makes me a bit teary-eyed. *sniffle* Anyway, one of my personal highlights was a girl in orange who’s name escapes me. She jammed for her very first time against one of the girls from the other leagues, and wow, was she fast! She at one point caught up, and over took, the other jammer! Asking around, I found out that it was only her SECOND practice! Amazing!

Overall I was so impressed and excited with the practice. There’s somthing invigorating about a new league, innocent in their youth, untainted by commitee meetings, bout stress, and general derby drama. At this point, all that exists is a passion for roller derby, skating, and being around kick-ass ladies. Keep your eye out for the Tri-City Roller Girls, they might be coming to your city to kick your leagues ass sooner then you think!

click to enlarge photos
TCRG lines up!
Yours truely takes a block from a Gore Gore Girl
TCRG girl is all smiles as she makes her way past Ivy Rupted
Showing some roller love
TCRG are coming to kick your butt! 😛

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B’ham Dames ♥ Leeds Dolls ith Tough Love

Posted by Fury on February 23, 2008

February 2008

Goddess bless the great British privatised motorway services.  The dingy grey roadside affairs of my youth, featuring bolted-on wooden prison toilet seats, have been replaced with gleaming outposts that sell cappuccino.  Sure, a sandwich and coke will set you back the price of roast Sunday lunch provisions for five, but as I was soaking up the early morning sun in a comfortable café off the M42, I could hardly be bothered about such things.   Today the Blitz Dames were headed out on a derby-filled road trip to Leeds. 

The Leeds Roller Dolls are one of the many newer roller derby leagues who have come together blaze track in this country. In the true cooperative spirit of DIY roller derby, they had helped the Blitzdames earlier in the weekend with a generous loan of equipment for a BBDD sports session with the University of Birmingham Rugby team.  So, the ‘Dames were delighted to accept the invitation to work with their roller sisters in LRD on some derby training collaboration. The enthusiasm was mutual, as the entirety of Leeds Roller Dolls had just gotten kitted out in full protective gear in anticipation of the day’s hard knocks to come.  What a great attitude!

The LRD’s head trainer, John Kirkham (an accomplished jam skater), started the session with a knackering quick-manoever warm-up drill.  The BBDD then took the lead with derby-specific stretches to loosen everyone up, and garner a few smiles as we displayed our lack of modesty (just tell me that stretch doesn’t look like a stripper).  One of BBDD’s top blockers, Bee Bentley, continued the session as she helped the Leeds ladies take the sheen off their pads with a barrage of falling drills.  Falling safely -with proper equipment!- is the best protection against injury; so it was important to make falling technique even more automatic that snapping up knee high socks in your team colours.  Having spent some quality time hitting the leisure center floor, the training progressed through all the derby action we could pack into two hours.  The focus included pack skills, endurance work, and whips (demonstrated by the agile Violet Attack).

The rock hard women of Leeds took everything BBDD dished out, including press-ups for getting out of pack formation, and the occasional surprise meeting with immovable surfaces.  During one of the rare breaks in the action, the LRD stylishly produced jaffa cakes to keep the masses fueled. By the last conditioning exercise, smiles mixed readily with grimaces of pain.

Afterwards everyone shared a huge Mexican restaurant table where the burritos were solidly lackluster, but the company couldn’t have been better.  The Leeds Roller Dolls are dedicated skaters who –like the first modern women’s roller derby leagues in Texas- are undaunted by their newness to the sport.   LRD even make it an advantage, by exploring creative solutions unencumbered by needing to follow established protocols.  Both of our leagues learned useful tips from each other’s experiences, and too soon it was time to head home. Like the outbound trip, spending time with BBDD mates made the return journey finish in a flash.  It was fab to ‘wreck and roll’ with the Leeds women and we look forward to future training field trips, and other potential collaborative projects with them later this year.


Helen Fury 

#10 Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames 

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WFTDA goes international!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by hooligal on February 21, 2008

Contact: Mercy Less
Marketing/PR Chair, WFTDA
marketing@.. .

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association is proud to announce that
membership is now open to Canadian Leagues! The WFTDA has overcome
administrative and legal hurdles to take this exciting first step
towards becoming a global organization. Our northern sisters will be
eligible if they meet the membership requirements put forth for all
WFTDA leagues:

-75 % of games must be flat track

-Teams in league must be comprised of female quad skaters only.

-51% of league owners must be flat track derby skaters.

-67% of league management must be flat track derby skaters

For additional requirements and paperwork, go online to: membership. html

Since 2004, the WFTDA has promoted and fostered the sport of womens
flat track derby. The governing philosophy of by the skaters, for
the skaters is adopted by all fifty two member leagues who include
women as primary owners, managers, operators and skaters. All member
leagues have a voice in the decision making process and are entitled
to be nationally ranked, play standardized games and access to future
sponsorship opportunities.

The WFTDA and its member leagues look forward to more flat track derby
in the US, Canada and, some day, the world!

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Canada vs England?

Posted by hooligal on February 8, 2008

Psssttt…a little birdy (ok ok the Canadian Roller Girls group..) told me that Canada is gathering a team to come play some bouts in the UK, in June. HOW EXCITING!! This would be the first trans-atlantic bout I do believe.

 Here’s the message that was sent out:

“Hello everyone,

There is a phenomenal opportunity for us Canadians to band together to
form a team and play England in June of this year!

Hoochie Mama (OCDG) and I are looking for ~20 ladies who are
interested in going. Ideally, we’d love to have 2 or 3 girls from each
league participate, making it truly a national enterprise!

To date, 2 games have been slotted in England (and there is a
possibility of a third) for early June. The games will fall between
June 5th and 14th.

We invite all interested girls to submit a resume (file newly uploaded
into the ‘Files section’ of this group, called “Team_Canada. doc”), and
a letter of recommendation from the coach/captain to us. We hope to
fund this trip through fundraisers and sponsorship, and hope to keep
the cost to each girl minimal.

Please post any questions and we will respond ASAP. Email resumes and
cover letters to : jen.prosser@ and
hoochiemama@ oilcityderbygirl – (We will also have an ‘Eastern
Coordinator’ very soon, and we will post her information in the next
couple of days)


Jenny Rocket
Calgary Roller Derby Association”

So Canadian ladies, GET ON IT!

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Love Hurts

Posted by hooligal on February 7, 2008


Come and check out Roller Derby, Saturday Feb 16.

Tickets on the door (arrive early!) or through PayPal, links on or

see you trackside

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Posted by hooligal on February 4, 2008

Awsome video from the Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz showing the highlights of their game with the London Rockin Rollers!

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Roller Derby on TV

Posted by hooligal on January 30, 2008

I just LOVE watching WFTDA on tv. Yes, they show MavTV here in England, and its bloody awesome. Windy City Rollers rock my socks.

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No Derby, No Cry

Posted by Fury on January 30, 2008

Ahh, supposedly today is the most miserable day of the year.  Even though this designation is most likely the result of a large British media conglomerate with little else to report on 21 January, they may have a point.  Particularly for the hard working derby girl, the burning question of how to elevate one’s mood when away from the track and facing weather too grey to hit the local pavement is a prominent one. Sure – sleeping, eating, a few moments with the long-suffering derby widow and a job to fund all that skating gear cover most of the time; but such pursuits bring one no closer the type of self-actualisation available when kicking ass on skates.

Fear not, a little rain and a closed practice space need not ruin your mood.  You can get your derby fix on the off days and improve your game besides with any of the following:

 «    Train.  It’s good for your game, good for your head, and is one of the biggest factors in injury prevention.  Press-ups, squats, ankle exercises, biceps, sit-ups, pilates, stretching, dancing: your league trainers are full of ideas if you want them.  Or better yet, organise some off-skates pain and have your roller sisters join in.  This is a competitive sport and only suffering will give you a competitive edge.

«    Follow your bliss, and help your league.  Ever wanted to be involved in design?  Are you itching to show off skills with spreadsheets?  Have a desire to be a web mistress?  Been dreaming of sewing up a referee corset, but just couldn’t find your audience?  Even if you don’t want to take the responsibility of a committee position, the league has a place for you to improve or show of a skill that you’ve always wanted to do.  Just ask!

«    Get involved with your community.  Many leagues have benefiting the community as a core value, and you may find a group that would be an excellent partner.

«    Get your gear in shape.  Have you been rolling around on the same bearings for a year without maintenance?  Does your helmet slip backwards?  Do your pads smell like a pickled skunk?  Discover the zen of tightening, cleaning, and oiling.

«    Help out a roller sister.  Check the boards, get involved with questions, invite a friend to see what kind of mad fun you are up to every weekend.

«    Of course, you could drool over the socks and wheels you want when that next bit of disposable cash comes along.  But as I’m sure you’re doing that anyway, why don’t you write a blog for your league?

Much derby love,

Helen Fury

#10 Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames

Training Director and General League Lackey

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