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Hooli’s Drills and Spills Page

Heres are Coach Hooli’s favourite drills, videos, and various training resources.

Roller Derby Coaches Yahoo Group

Hooli’s Drill of the Week:

Hot Laps – This drill is best done in various skill levels. We break it up in twos, sometimes threes of ‘Fast, Faster, Fastest’. Start with the fastest girls line up on the track and blow the whistle. They must then sprint for 5 laps and come off the track, then the next group goes on, sprints for 5 laps and comes off. Repeat with the fastest group again, but this time they do 4 laps. Continue this pyramid down to one lap. If you have a very advanced league you could possibly go back up the pyramid, but its increasingly tiring.

Last week: Plyometrics- aka off skate training! This has been running around the roller girls yahoo group. In page 6 of this article, they talk about how ACL injuries were lessened in groups where they did plyometrics. And, you can do it anywhere, do it before your rink time so you don’t waste your money.

Midlife Crashes is to thank for these amazing exercises.

Last last week: Inertia Drill – Split into partners. Have one skater whip the other, but at the end of the whip, she doesn’t let go, instead she then whips the person who just whipped her. Repeat for length of time.

Full Drill Books:

Frankie Facebreaker’s Drill Book

Long Island Roller Derby’s Derby 101 very extensive!

Maine Roller Derby Training Manual 45 pages of drills!

Richmond Derby Demons Training Guide with diagrams!

Victorian Roller Derby League’s Drills

Bay City Bomber’s Training Guide (Banked Track)

Other Drills:




Roxy Rockett’s Blog:

Basic Skating For The Basic Skater START HERE!

The Uncontrolled Blocker including over commiting to blocks

Revenge Hitting

Bad Assists Whips n Pushes

Balancing your Stops

Keeping your Hands to Yourself

Response to a Letter incl. Why am I Not Getting Better and What Do You Do on Bout Day?


Expert Village’s How To Play Roller Derby series:

Roller Derby Skates

Safety Gear

How to Score/Derby Rules

Skating Form




Pack Skating


Cutting the Track

Double Knee Slides

Superman Slides

Barrel/Monkey Roll

Whips and Pushes

Bonnie D. Stroir’s Instruction videos:

Power Slide

Leg Whips

Backwards Whips and Blocks

Banked Track Instuction

Banked Track Instruction #2

Begg Sport Coaching Videos: These videos are for inline speed skating, but many of the same things apply.

Skill Drills 1

Cornering Techniques

Off Skate Pylo Exercises

7 Responses to “Hooli’s Drills and Spills Page”

  1. Meghan said

    Your Maine Roller Derby Training Manual seems to be a broken link.

  2. Backwoods said

    Worked fine for me. 😛

  3. chicknorris said

    This page is just what I’ve been searching for! Thanks for compiling such an extensive list of drills! Rock on Derby Girls all over the World!

    Chick Norris

  4. Is there any way to get these videos on a dvd so I can have my girls watch them.

  5. Dyna Might said

    This list is great! I’m printing these guides out for the new team/league we’re forming in northern New Mexico. Thank you so much!

  6. Coach Tuck Norris said

    Thanks for the resources. The new Vette City Roller Derby league is fast becoming a serious derby squad: OH YEAH!

  7. DVS Dicer said

    I can agree… I have been looking for a resource such as this! I am super excited about soem of these drills! Can’t wait to use them at practice!

    Kepp ’em Coming!

    DVS Dicer #C40
    Fabulous Sin City Roller Girls
    Las Vegas, NV

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